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    The Story Of Scotland: Inspired By The Great Tapestry Of Scotland
    Allan Burnett - Paperback - Birlinn
    The brainchild of author Alexander McCall Smith, historian Alistair Moffat and artist Andrew Crummy, the Great Tapestry of Scotland is a celebration of 420 million years of Scottish history and achievement. Involving a thousand stitchers who worked on 165 separate panels, the tapestry is one of the biggest community arts projects ever to have been conceived in Scotland. In this book, specifically designed for younger readers, Allan Burnett tells the story of Scotland through the Tapestry itself - a thing of wonder, full of magic and adventures and mysteries.
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    Straight White Male
    John Niven - Paperback - Windmill Books
    Kennedy Marr is a writer from the old school. Irish, sharp-tongued, acerbic, and a borderline alcoholic and sex-addict. He's living in LA and is close to rock bottom. Then, suddenly, a solution presents itself. Marr is to be the unlikely recipient of the W.F. Bingham Prize for Outstanding Contribution to Modern Literature - worth a million dollars. But the prize does not come without a price: he must spend a year teaching creative writing at the university where his ex-wife and estranged daughter now reside.
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    Robert Crawford - Paperback - Jonathan Cape
    To make a testament is to attempt to pass on what matters most. In his seventh full-length collection of poems Robert Crawford writes of love, loss, belief, and commitment. Whether in intimate erotic lyrics or in a sustained engagement with the politics of Scottish independence he writes with passion, wit, and assurance about struggles to pass on values and treasures.
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    To Marry A Scottish Laird
    Lynsay Sands - Paperback - Avon
    A new historical series set in the Highlands of Scotland, from Lynsay Sands, the New York Times bestselling author of the 'Argeneau' vampire series and countless historical romances.
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    To The Letter: A Curious History Of Correspondence
    Simon Garfield - Paperback - Canongate
    'To the Letter' tells the story of our remarkable journey through the mail. From Roman wood chips discovered near Hadrian's Wall to the wonders and terrors of email, Simon Garfield explores how we have written to each other over the centuries and what our letters reveal about our lives. Along the way he delves into the great correspondences of our time, from Cicero and Petrarch to Jane Austen and Ted Hughes, and traces the very particular advice offered by bestselling letter-writing manuals. He uncovers a host of engaging stories, including the tricky history of the opening greeting.
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    Mark Wright - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Bristol in the early 1960s: Joseph Tremaine Ellington is a Barbadian ex-policeman who, like many of his generation in the West Indies, has come to the UK to make a new life in the mother country. But the land of opportunity is not all it is cut out to be. It is not just the weather that is cold: so is the welcome.
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    John Maclean: A Scottish Revolutionary Life
    Dave Sherry - Paperback - Bookmarks Publications
    In a year in which we commemorate the First World War and also debate the question of Scottish independence, John Maclean is a figure from working class history who can speak to us today. This concise biography highlights his power as an orator and organiser, and the tensions between revolutionary internationalism and Scottish nationalism in his activities.
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    Never Mind The Hoops: The Uutimate Celtic Quiz Book
    David Potter - Paperback - The History Press
    Here is the ultimate quiz book on Celtic FC. Informative and fun, this is the perfect companion for those long car journeys to Inverness or Aberdeen or nights down the local. An ideal gift for Hoops fans of all ages, giving the chance to interact with the long and eventful history of the club, from formation and name changes to favourite managers and cult heroes.
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    - Flexi-cover - APA Publications
    'Insight Guides' feature colour photographs, going beyond the landmarks, with up-to-date tips on travel, excursions, accommodation and restaurants.
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    Treasure Island
    Ronne Randall - Hardback - QED Publishing
    Carefully retold in clear contemporary language, and presented with beautiful illustrations, this well-loved tale will capture your heart and imagination.

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