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  • Cover scan of Collected Poems
    Collected Poems
    Louis MacNeice - Hardback - Faber
    For both readers and critics, the nature of MacNeice's poetic work as a whole is a matter of importance. This work attempts to print MacNeice's poetry in groupings corresponding closely to the collections published by Faber between 1935 and 1963.
  • Cover scan of Does Anyone Like Midges?

    Does Anyone Like Midges?: And 99 Other Improbable Scottish Questions
    Jim Hewitson - Paperback - Black & White
    A wheen of queries about Scotland and the Scots, this text presents a miscellany of the unlikely but true in one of the strangest wee countries in the world. With 100 questions arranged by category, this is a compendium of the most perplexing and timeless Scottish questions that have somehow escaped answer until now.
  • Cover scan of The Drinking Well
    The Drinking Well
    Neil Miller Gunn - Paperback - Polygon
    Iain Cattanach loves to play the fiddle and wander the hills tending his father's sheep. However, his self-sacrificing mother has other plans for him. A position in an Edinburgh legal firm is secured for Iain and he is forced to leave the countryside he loves.
  • Cover scan of Dundee

    Dundee: A Short History
    Norman Watson - Paperback - Black & White
    Norman Watson gives a history of Dundee from revisiting the city's origins to describing its recent achievements. He describes the city's thrilling and turbulent history, its poverty and prosperity, its see-sawing cultural identity and growing reputation in science, education and the arts.
  • Cover scan of The Game Of Golf
    The Game Of Golf
    Willie Park - Hardback - Luath
    Willie Park was the epitome of the Victorian entrepreneur - besides being the champion golfer of his time, he also took the game to the world in a number of ways. In this book he reveals the finer details of golf, including original techniques which can still be applied today.
  • Cover scan of Glasgow Flourishes
    Glasgow by the way, but
    John Cairney - Hardback - Luath
    Born and brought up in Glasgow but now living in New Zealand, John Cairney has had the benefit of experiencing Glasgow as one of its citizens and observing the city from afar. 'Glasgow Flourishes' provides a series of essays examining different aspects of Glasgow in a historical and cultural context.
  • Cover scan of God's Islanders
    God's Islanders: A History Of The People Of Gigha
    Catherine Lucy Czerkawska - Hardback - Birlinn
    The island of Gigha lies just off Tayinloan on the Kintyre peninsula and is the most southerly of the true Hebridean islands. This book presents the story of this part of Scotland and God's Island, and examines the issues, trends and challenges affecting the whole area.
  • Cover scan of Hidden Scotland
    Hidden Scotland
    Ann Lindsay - Paperback - Birlinn
    Lindsay introduces a range of quirky and amusing details about Scotland's past. Containing information on curious places, bizarre happenings and perplexing oddities, this book is aimed at students of Scottish culture. It also includes instructions on how to get to all the places mentioned in the book.
  • Cover scan of The Last Of The Tinsmiths
    The Last Of The Tinsmiths: The Life Of Willie MacPhee
    Sheila Douglas - Paperback - Birlinn
    If you keep your eyes and ears open in the Scottish countryside, you can catch a glimpse of an aboriginal people, known as the luchd siubhail, literally, the travelling people. Willie MacPhee owned very little and never lived in a house, but he was rich in traditional music, song and piping. This title collects his songs and stories.
  • Cover scan of Mancs Vs Scousers And Scousers Vs Mancs

    Mancs Vs Scousers And Scousers Vs Mancs
    Ian Black - Paperback - Black & White
    How much do Mancs hate Scousers? Well, there's not a lot you can compare it to, except of course how much Scousers hate Mancs.

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