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  • Cover scan of Prisoner In Alcatraz
    Prisoner In Alcatraz
    Theresa Breslin - Paperback - Barrington Stoke
    Marty is doing life in the hardest prison in America. No-one gets out of Alcatraz. But now there's a new escape plan. Can Marty break out of Alcatraz - or will life mean life?
  • Cover scan of In My Skin
    In My Skin
    Kate Holden - Paperback - Canongate
    Kate Holden is accustomed to being summed up at a glance: arts graduate, history buff, middle-class daughter, dreamer, innocent. This story follows her journey from her reputation as a 'good girl' in the leafy suburbs of Melbourne, to the all-consuming attractions of heroin and the sex industry.
  • Cover scan of Brother Grimm
    Brother Grimm
    Craig Russell - Paperback - Arrow
    Jan Fabel, of the Hamburg murder squad, is on the trail of a serial killer who makes grisly references to folk stories by the Brothers Grimm. A predator who kills and then disappears into the shadows. A monster we all learned to fear in childhood.
  • Cover scan of Chronicle In Stone
    Chronicle In Stone
    Ismail Kadare - Paperback - Canongate
    The Second World War is about to start, but life for a young boy in a small town in Albania is still a game. Yet, as the country falls to the Italians, then the Greeks, then eventually to the Nazis, and is mercilessly bombed by the British, the boy grows up.
  • Cover scan of Congratulations, You Have Just Met The Casuals
    Congratulations, You Have Just Met The Casuals
    Dan Rivers - Paperback - John Blake
    It was the look and the attitude that defined the UK in the 1980s. It was the Casual movement - a new breed of football fan, bringing with them a new way to terrorise the terraces. Aberdeen football club's Aberdeen Soccer Casuals became the most notorious, most feared and most copied mob in the country.
  • Cover scan of Daisy, Dad And The Huge, Small Surprise

    Daisy, Dad And The Huge, Small Surprise
    Karen McCombie - Paperback - Scholastic
    Ally knows love makes you do funny stuff, but it doesn't really explain Grandma's behaviour. Sure, she's got a lot on her mind with the wedding in just a few weeks, but Ally keeps overhearing whispered conversations on the phone and Grandma's being extremely secretive. What is going on?
  • Cover scan of The Flight Of Rudolf Hess
    The Flight Of Rudolf Hess: Myths And Reality
    Roy Conyers Nesbit; Georges van Acker - Paperback - Sutton
    Rudolf Hess' flight from Augsburg to Scotland on 10th May 1941 has given rise to much curiousity and speculation. Using archive sources and eyewitness accounts, this book offers a concise account of Hess' life and his journey to Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Love Over Scotland
    Love Over Scotland
    Alexander McCall Smith - Compact Disc - Time Warner Audiobooks
    'Love Over Scotland' revolves around the many colourful characters that come and go at No 44 Scotland Street. It features the stalwart Tory chartered surveyor, the pushy mother, and the Italian-speaking prodigy, Bertie.
  • Cover scan of Monty's Highlanders
    Monty's Highlanders: 51st Highland Division In The Second World War
    Patrick Delaforce - Hardback - Pen & Sword Military
    This volume focuses on the most famous infantry division that fought with the British Army in World War II, the 51st Highland Division.
  • Cover scan of The Paris Review Interviews, I
    The Paris Review Interviews
    - Paperback - Canongate
    'The Paris Review' has elicited many of the most arresting, illuminating, and revealing discussions of life and craft from the greatest writers of our age. This volume collects some of these interviews from the notorious and respected literary magazine.

Showing page 799 from 1001

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