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  • Cover scan of The Black Watch

    Black Watch: A Concise History
    Trevor Royle - Hardback - Mainstream
    Renowned as one of the great fighting regiments of the British Army, the Black Watch were formed at Aberfeldy. Based on the letters and diaries of former Black Watch soldiers, this account of a famous regiment is a memorial to its long and distinguished history.
  • Cover scan of Cosmo And The Great Witch Escape
    Cosmo And The Great Witch Escape
    Gwyneth Rees - Paperback - Macmillan Children's
    Cosmo, a witch-cat, is delighted that evil Sybil - the most terrible of witches - is safely in prison. In fact, she's even fitted with a special tag, which means that if she and her cronies try to escape they will be turned into frogs. But then mysterious goings-on are reported in Witch News. Something sinister is afoot.
  • Cover scan of The Collected Poems Of George Mackay Brown
    The Collected Poems Of George Mackay Brown
    George Mackay Brown - Paperback - John Murray
    George Mackay Brown is recognised as one of Scotland's greatest 20th century lyric poets. This collected edition comprises a treasure trove of gems, bringing together his much-loved poems.
  • Cover scan of Dear Olivia
    Dear Olivia: An Italian Journey Of Love And Courage
    Mary Contini - Hardback - Canongate
    In her fascinating follow-up to 'Dear Francesca', the author writes to her other daughter, Olivia. Through letters, anecdotes & the occasional recipe, she tells the story of what happened to the Contini & Crolla families after they emigrated to Scotland between the wars.
  • Cover scan of The Desert Princess

    Desert Princess
    Katie Chase - Paperback - Red Fox
    While she's getting ready for an Egyptian-themed party at her friend's house, Rosie spots a papyrus painting on a wall in Great-aunt Rosamund's castle. It's of a young girl in a beautiful white dress, wearing lots of gold jewellery - it must be another little princess! As soon as she says hello, Rosie is whisked away in a warm breeze.
  • Cover scan of Easy Ryder
    Ryder 2006: Europe's Magnificent K Club Triumph - Three In A Row!
    Ian Stafford - Hardback - Mainstream
    The Ryder Cup has become the biggest event in golf. In 2006, the Ryder Cup was held in Ireland, at the K Club in County Kildare. Accompanied by colour photographs, this title will cover every moment of the competition.
  • Cover scan of Kissing Toads
    Kissing Toads
    Jemma Harvey - Paperback - Arrow
    Delphi, garden programme presenter extraordinaire, and Roo, TV producer and queen of the messy relationship, have been best friends since their first day at school. But now, Delphi's career seems slightly stuck, while Roo's long-time boyfriend has secretly gone and married his long-time Romanian girlfriend.
  • Cover scan of The Lullaby Princess

    Lullaby Princess
    Katie Chase - Paperback - Red Fox
    Rosie finds a beautiful spiral shell in Great-aunt Rosamund's castle and notices that it has young girl looking anxiously towards a smoking volcano drawn on it. Rosie drops into a curtsey and says hello. All of a sudden a gust of wind surrounds Rosie, full of sea spray and smelling of pineapples and hibiscus flowers.
  • Cover scan of No More Beyond
    No More Beyond: The Life Of Hubert Wilkins
    Simon Nasht - Hardback - Birlinn
    Hubert Wilkins is one of the unsung heroes of history. A war hero, photographer, reporter, prolific writer, spy, scientist, naturalist, ornithologist & aviator, South Australian-born Wilkins was the most remarkable explorer of the 20th century. This biography details his exploits.
  • Cover scan of The Saint
    The Saint: My Autobiography
    Ian St. John - Paperback - Hodder
    One of Liverpool and Scotland's greatest ever players, Ian 'The Saint' St John was a key component in Bill Shankly's legendary side of the 1960s. In this book he describes his upbringing in Motherwell, his playing days on Merseyside, his management career and his memorable TV shows with Jimmy Greaves.

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