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  • Cover scan of Choice
    Choice: Twenty-One Years Of Collecting For Scotland
    Timothy Clifford - Paperback - National Galleries of Scotland
    'Choice', written by Timothy Clifford, gives an illuminating 'behind-the-scenes' look at the formation of Scotland's National Collection. Over 200 full colour images of iconic artworks ranging from Botticelli and Titian to the Surrealists are included.
  • Cover scan of A Journey To The Western Islands Of Scotland A Tour To The Hebrides
    A Journey To The Western Islands Of Scotland A Tour To The Hebrides
    Samuel Johnson - Paperback - Penguin Classics
    This text contains Johnson's descriptions of the customs, religion, education, trade and agriculture of a society that was new to him. Boswell offers an intimate personal record of Johnson's behavior and conversation during the trip.
  • Cover scan of A Walk On The Wild Side
    A Walk On The Wild Side
    Nelson Algren - Paperback - Canongate
    A country boy from Texas arrives in New Orleans during the depression of the 1930s. The only way for him is down as he unsuccessfully seeks work only to find a nightmare world of poverty, unemployment, vice and petty crime. 'A Walk On the Wild Side' inspired Lou Reed's most famous song.
  • Cover scan of None Bolder
    None Bolder: The History Of The 51st Highland Division In The Second World War
    Richard Doherty - Hardback - Spellmount
    A history of probably the most famous British infantry division of the Second World War, formed from battalions of the Scottish Highland regiments, which fought in France, North Africa, Sicily, the Normandy landings and the subsequent campaign through France, into the Low Countries and finally into Germany.
  • Cover scan of The Waldorf Song Book
    The Waldorf Song Book
    - Paperback - Floris
    Over 100 songs for use in schools, arranged by age and time of year.
  • Cover scan of Invincible Vince
    Invincible Vince
    Joanne Thompson - Paperback - Aultbea
    After a hideous day with his dreadful relatives, things are looking up for Vince. He's been recruited by Polly Smart for a secret mission into the land of Oops. It's going to be a rip-roaring adventure, but can he defeat his enemies in time to rescue a prisoner in serious danger?
  • Cover scan of Lords Of Alba
    Lords Of Alba: The Making Of Scotland
    Ian W. Walker - Hardback - Sutton
    The early Scottish kingdom underwent a fundamental transformation between the tenth and twelfth centuries. This book on early medieval Scottish history considers how and why the Scottish kingdom was changed at this time, looking at the role of individuals who initiated or influenced this process.
  • Cover scan of One City
    One Book, One City
    - Paperback - Polygon
    Alexander McCall Smith, Ian Rankin and Irvine Welsh have joined forces for the first time to offer three radically different takes on Edinburgh life.
  • Cover scan of To Travel Hopefully
    To Travel Hopefully: Journal Of A Death Not Foretold
    Christopher Rush - Paperback - Profile
    When Christopher Rush's wife suddenly died, his world fell apart. He lost faith in everything and depression took hold. At last he decided to try and reclaim his life in the least expected of ways. He went to France, bought a donkey and followed the path of Robert Louis Stevenson a century before him.
  • Cover scan of You Are Not The One
    You Are Not The One
    Vestal McIntyre - Paperback - Canongate
    This is a collection of eight funny short stories about social outcasts. In 'Binge', a forty-ish pastry chef makes her first foray into the world of cocaine during a party in New York City. In 'Sahara', a young man is kidnapped whilst wearing a kangaroo suit advertising the fast-food restaurant he works at.

Showing page 799 from 963

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