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  • Cover scan of A Reading Diary
    A Reading Diary
    Alberto Manguel - Paperback - Canongate
    From 'Don Quixote' to 'The Sign of Four' to 'The Wind in the Willows', Manguel leads us on an enthralling adventure in literature and life, and demonstrates how, for the passionate reader, one is utterly inextricable from the other.
  • Cover scan of Robert The Bruce And All That
    Robert The Bruce And All That
    Allan Burnett - Paperback - Birlinn
    Features real-life adventures with historical facts about Scotland's warrior king, Robert the Bruce, this title helps you learn about Bruce's dark secrets as well as his heroic deeds, discover how well Bruce really got on with William Wallace, and understand why Bruce's Declaration of Independence is big in America.
  • Cover scan of The Sardana Dancers
    The Sardana Dancers
    Robin Jenkins - Paperback - Polygon
    Jonathan and Maddy are desperate for something significant, something creative to happen in their lives. They become passionately involved with John, an aggressive, working-class Glaswegian painter, and beautiful Barcelona student, Montserrat, whose brother is an imprisoned Catelan patriot.
  • Cover scan of Saved From The Scrapyard
    Saved From The Scrapyard: Scottish Buses Recycled
    Douglas G. MacDonald - Paperback - Tempus
    Douglas MacDonald looks at the changing bus scene in Scotland since the 1930s and the myriad of different uses buses have undertaken. They have been used as polling booths, circus vehicles, recovery trucks, car transporters, mobile canteens, mobile homes and many other uses.
  • Cover scan of The Sea Mice And The Stars

    The Sea Mice And The Stars
    Kenneth C. Steven; Louise Ho - Paperback - Little Tiger
    It is winter and snow is falling soft as petals. Woken by their mother, two young sea mice gaze at a sky sparkling with falling stars. These stars are pieces of magic, their uncle tells them, gifts to the sea mice to keep them safe through the winter. And tonight, the mouse family must set out into the dark to collect the stars.
  • Cover scan of Undead On Arrival
    Undead On Arrival
    Nick Smith - Paperback - Luath
    Glen is as dead as a dodo's doornail, and what's more he's just lost his job. How he became a recently alive ex-employee is a mystery, and extremely inconvenient, in fact he is a bit depressed with the whole situation. But one thing is certain - he'll stop at nothing to find out how he became a morbid member of the ungrateful dead.
  • Cover scan of The Very Snowy Christmas

    The Very Snowy Christmas
    Diana Hendry; Jane Chapman - Paperback - Little Tiger
    It's the night before Christmas and Big Mouse and Little Mouse are putting up decorations. Little Mouse scampers out to search for holly but finds big white flakes falling from the sky. As Little Mouse's world is covered in snow he discovers strange things all around him.
  • Cover scan of West Country Cheesemakers
    West Country Cheesemakers: From Cheddar To Mozzarella
    Michael Raffael - Hardback - Birlinn
    Charting the development of cheese making in the West Country, from the 17th century Cheddar tradition to the diverse modern cheese industry, this book outlines the manufacturing process of each cheese, and investigates the differences between a hand-crafted cheese and an industrially manufactured one.
  • Cover scan of Where Golf Is Great

    Where Golf Is Great: The Finest Courses Of Scotland & Ireland
    James W. Finegan - Hardback - Artisan
    James Finegan provides in-depth coverage of the greatest links and in land courses of Scotland and Ireland, known for their character, sparkle, fascination, challenge, and history.
  • Cover scan of William Wallace And All That

    William Wallace And All That
    Allan Burnett - Paperback - Birlinn
    This volume talks about a real-life adventure with historical facts about Scotland's legendary hero, Sir William Wallace. It helps you learn how to tell the difference between Wallace facts and Wallace nonsense, discover why Wallace had to do his homework in Latin, and understand what made King Edward attack Scotland in the first place.

Showing page 799 from 987

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