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  • Cover scan of Linlithgow Life And Times
    G. W. Lockhart - Paperback - Luath
    Wallace Lockhart connects the rich history of Linlithgow with the warmth and vitality that presently illuminates it.
  • Cover scan of Lions Of Ireland

    Lions Of Ireland: A Celebration Of Irish Rugby Legends
    David Walmsley - Paperback - Mainstream
    Look for a Lions legend & the chances are you will find an Irishman. In this text, the greats tell their stories of life on some of the longest & hardest roads in sport, & of the world class players who have contributed so much to Lion folklore.
  • Cover scan of Mesolithic Lives In Scotland
    Mesolithic Lives In Scotland
    Graeme Warren - Paperback - Tempus
    This ground-breaking book is an in-depth study of Mesolithic Scotland, with chapters on landscape change, hunting and gathering, crafts and skills, scales of community and senses of time and place. Graeme Warren takes the reader through the transition from Mesolithic to Neolithic.
  • Cover scan of Odd-Shaped Balls
    Odd-Shaped Balls: Mischief-Makers, Miscreants And Mad-Hatters Of Rugby
    John Scally - Paperback - Mainstream
    'Odd-Shaped Balls' is a collection of stories evoking the fun, colour and wit of the world of rugby as represented by players and fans both great and small.
  • Cover scan of Scottish Witchcraft & Magick
    Scottish Witchcraft & Magick: The Craft Of The Picts
    Raymond Buckland - Paperback - Llewellyn
    From the ancient misty Highlands of Scotland to modern-day America come the secrets of solitary witchcraft practice. The author introduces PectiWita, or the craft of the Picts, and explores the magic, sacred tools, herbal lore, song and dance, and recipes of the Scottish PectiWita tradition.
  • Cover scan of The Steamie
    The Steamie: A Novel
    Tony Roper - Paperback - Black & White
    When it first opened in 1987, 'The Steamie' took the theatrical world by storm. Set during the 1950s, the play takes place on Hogmanay in a Glasgow public wash house. This novel delves further into the lives of Doreen, Magrit, Mrs Culfeathers and Dolly.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    The Storr: Unfolding Landscape
    - Paperback - Luath
    In the year 2000, the NVA arts organisation staged a dramatic light and sound event in Perthshire's Glen Lyon. Now, this unforgettable event is to be taken to the beautiful high cliffs of Coire Faion and The Storr on Skye. This book captures what promises to be one of the greatest site-specific artworks ever to be staged in Britain.
  • Cover scan of Summit Fever
    Summit Fever
    Andrew Greig - Paperback - Canongate
    'Summit Fever' offers a full account of the successful ascent of the Mustagh Tower in 1984 by previously little-known British climbers, and also a description of the author's own feelings and experiences as a novice climber on a Himalayan expedition.
  • Cover scan of Take Me With You
    Take Me With You
    Polly Clark - Paperback - Bloodaxe
    'Take Me With You' is strange and dangerous, searching for answers to questions about the nature of human attachment and longing. The poems are unsettling even as they are compelling. Both this new collection and Clark's debut collection, 'Kiss', have received Poetry Book Society Redommendations.
  • Cover scan of Tyneside
    Tyneside: A History Of Newcastle And Gateshead From Earliest Times
    Alistair Moffat; George Rosie - Hardback - Mainstream
    This text tells the story of Newcastle & Gateshead, from the retreat of the icefields 10,000 years ago, through the coming of the Roman Emperor Hadrian, the achievement of Bede of Jarrow, the building of the New Castle in 1080, growth of the Industrial Revolution, the trials of its football team, & into the 21st century.

Showing page 804 from 963

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