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  • Cover scan of Rebel Alliances
    Rebel Alliances: The Means And Ends Of Cotnemporary British Anarchisms
    Benjamin Franks - Paperback - AK
    Offering a philosopical perspective on class-struggle anarchism in the UK today that identifes key principles distinguishing this tradition from competing Leninist, liberal and social democratic groupings, Franks then constructs an 'ideal-type' of anarchism against which the theory/practice of contemporary groups are assessed.
  • Cover scan of Rosie's Hat
    Rosie's Hat
    Julia Donaldson; Anna Currey - Paperback - Macmillan Children's
    One little girl, one smart hat, a gust of wind, and we're off on a whole hatful of adventures! Because this isn't just any old hat. It can also be a toy for a dog, a hiding-place for a mouse, a frisbee for some children and a nest for some birds. Surely poor Rosie will never find her hat again - or will she?
  • Cover scan of Fly, Pigeon, Fly!

    Fly, Pigeon, Fly!
    John Henderson; Julia Donaldson; Thomas Docherty - Hardback - Little Tiger
    When a boy finds a young pigeon, half starved, in a derelict warehouse in Glasgow, he names the pigeon Percy and takes him home. He looks after him and even teaches him to fly. Da says that Percy should be set free, but the boy wants him to stay for ever. This book tells the story of an unusual friendship.
  • Cover scan of An A To Z Of Ancient Egypt

    An A To Z Of Ancient Egypt
    Simon Cox; Susan Davies - Hardback - Mainstream
    The mystery and history of ancient Egypt has intrigued explorers, travellers and armchair enthusiasts for millennia. Now in this concise and easy-to-read guide, Simon Cox and Susan Davies will answer questions and put the record straight.
  • Cover scan of The Baboons Who Went This Way And That
    Folktales From Africa
    Alexander McCall Smith - Paperback - Canongate
    A man with a tree growing out of his head? A woman with children made of wax? A bird that can be milked? Let Alexander McCall Smith once again take you to a land where the bizarre is everyday and magic is real, with more illustrated stories from his celebration of African folktales.
  • Cover scan of Owen Noone And The Marauder
    Owen Noone And The Marauder
    Douglas Cowie - Paperback - Canongate
    When Owen Noone turns up at an open-mic event in a Peoria, Illinois bar, he changes the life of one shy, introspective student. Together they become a rock 'n' roll band. Signed up to a major record label, the pair's dreams seem to be coming true, however, being a rock star turns out to be harder than they imagined.
  • Cover scan of The Argyll Book
    The Argyll Book
    - Paperback - Birlinn
    Argyll, Dalriada, or Earra-ghaidheal, 'the Coastland' or 'Boundary of the Gael', is one of the most beautiful and historically significant parts of Scotland. This book covers a range of topics, from geology and prehistory to stately homes, folklore, and literature, which provide an introduction to this fascinating part of Scotland.
  • Cover scan of The Jan De Vries Guide To Health And Vitality
    The Jan De Vries Guide To Health And Vitality
    Jan De Vries - Paperback - Mainstream
    Jan de Vries gives a straightforward and constructive guide to maintaining natural health. Packed full of useful tips and revealing new case studies, the book covers a wide range of issues and offers advice on how to keep fit and healthy, give up common addictions, enjoy exercise and maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Cover scan of The Thistle And The Grail
    The Thistle And The Grail
    Robin Jenkins - Paperback - Polygon
    The Thistle is the unlucky local football team of Drumsagart, a drab industrial town in Lanarkshire. Cursed with poverty, an ineffective president and a string of defeats, the Thistle team members are running low on morale, especially when it seems like there are many people against them.
  • Cover scan of Apollos Of The North
    Apollos Of The North: The Selected Poems Of George Buchanan And Arthur Johnston
    George Buchanan; Arthur Johnston - Paperback - Polygon
    Published to coincide with the quincentenary of Buchanan's birth in 2006, this book presents a selection of his work, translated and accompanied by the work of Arthur Johnston, a great admirer and contemporary of Buchanan's, and a fellow Scot.

Showing page 818 from 994

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