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  • Cover scan of Dust On The Paw
    Dust On The Paw
    Robin Jenkins - Paperback - Polygon
    Abdul Wahab, an Afghan science teacher, is eagerly anticipating the arrival of his British fiancée, Laura Johnstone, in the capital of his home country. However, the employees at the British Embassy are in turmoil at this new arrival and all the disaster they are sure that this mixed marriage will bring.
  • Cover scan of First Foods Fast
    First Foods Fast
    Lara Boyd - Paperback - Luath
    'First Foods Fast' is full of recipes that do not require a great deal of time, skill or money, and is divided into three key sections, with recipes for babies at different ages.
  • Cover scan of The Flight Of The Silver Turtle
    The Flight Of The Silver Turtle
    John Fardell - Paperback - Faber
    Sam is back in Edinburgh with his brilliant uncle, inventor Professor Ampersand, and cousins Zara, Ben and friend Marcia. Their efforts to build an experimental flying boat lead to a dramatic discovery - a long-lost secret invention that holds the key to anti-gravity.
  • Cover scan of James IV

    James IV
    Norman Macdougall - Paperback - John Donald
    James IV was one of Scotland's greatest kings. His reign saw the full flowering of the Renaissance in Scotland, in architecture, literature and art. For a brief period, Scotland ranked among the great powers of Europe.
  • Cover scan of Phoebe, Junior
    Phoebe, Junior: A Last Chronicle Of Carlingford
    Mrs Oliphant - Paperback - Nonsuch
    'Phoebe, Junior' is the last of the tales that make up the 'Chronicles of Carlingford', first published in Blackwood's Magazine. Phoebe Beecham, daughter of a dissenting minister, arrives in Carlingford to nurse her invalid grandmother and finds herself having to choose between two suitors.
  • Cover scan of The Second Scottish Wars Of Independence, 1332-1363
    The Second Scottish Wars Of Independence, 1332-1363
    Chris Brown - Paperback - Tempus
    Drawn from English and Scottish state papers and chronicle accounts, this text tells the story of the armies and campaigns that would develop the tactics that gave English forces the dramatic triumphs of the Hundred Years War.
  • Cover scan of Sword Of Scotland
    The Sword Of Scotland: Jocks At War
    Anthony Leask - Hardback - Pen & Sword Military
    Scottish soldiers have played a major part in shaping the history of the world. In this book, Anthony Leask traces the story of Scots at war, looking at the regiments of Scotland and the key battles they have fought in and won.
  • Cover scan of Write From The Heart
    Write From The Heart: The Extraordinary Real Life Story Of Glasgow's Favourite Novelist
    Margaret Thomson Davis - Paperback - B&W
    A human story of triumph in the face of adversity, 'Write from the Heart' is the inspirational story of how, against all odds, Margaret Thomson Davis became one of Scotland's leading novelists.
  • Cover scan of From Crabshack To Oyster Bar
    From Crab Shack To Oyster Bar: Exploring Scotland's Seafood Trail
    Carole Fitzgerald - Hardback - Angels' Share
    This volume is a guide to Scotland's official seafood trail. The establishments featured all serve simple food such as langoustines, crabs, scallops, oysters and mussels.
  • Cover scan of From Sea To Sea
    From Sea To Sea: A History Of The Scottish Lowland And Highland Canals
    L. J. Paterson - Paperback - Neil Wilson
    This comprehensive history of the inland Scottish canals of the last 40 years covers the main canals - Caledonian, Crinan, Forth and Clyde.

Showing page 818 from 992

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