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  • Cover scan of Flodden 1513
    Flodden 1513: Scotland's Greatest Defeat
    John Sadler - Paperback - Osprey
    The Scottish and English armies clashed on 9 September 1513 at Flodden. Recognized as the greatest Scottish defeat in history, it resulted in the death of Scotland's king. This title examines the battle, the different tactics of the opposing armies and the personalities of the commanders.
  • Cover scan of Calamity And Chaos

    Margaret Ryan - Paperback - Hodder Children's
    Abby can't wait for the arrival of her wild Grandma Aphrodite from Oz - and when they meet, she's not disappointed! In her sheepskin coat, crocodile boots and sixties' clothes, Aphrodite walks into Abby and her mum's life and turns it upside down.
  • Cover scan of Night Song Of The Last Tram
    Night Song Of The Last Tram: A Glasgow Childhood
    Robert Douglas - Paperback - Hodder
    Growing up in Glasgow both during and after the Second World War, Robert Douglas's life was blighted by the cruel - if sporadic - presence of his father, yet blessed by the love of his mother. In this book he recalls his upbringing, along with his memories of a city which has changed in many ways.
  • Cover scan of So I Am Glad
    So I Am Glad
    A. L. Kennedy - Paperback - Vintage
    From the author of Now That You're Back, this is the story of a professional enunciator and announcer who thinks that behind the doors of the recording studio she is safe from the inconvenience of love and hate. But reality eventually breaks in.
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    Wild Mountain Thyme
    Rosamunde Pilcher - Compact Disc - Hodder & Stoughton Audio
    Victoria Bradshaw fell in love with London playwright Oliver Dobbs when she was just 18. But he left her and disappeared from her life. Now, years later, he is a widower standing on her doorstep with his two-year-old son in his arms.
  • Cover scan of The Shetland Isles
    The Shetland Isles
    Liv Kjrsvik Schei - Hardback - Colin Baxter
    Shetland is a lively place with a distinctive culture. Illustrated by Gunnie Moberg's photography, this book explores the history, folklore and landscape of the islands of Shetland and also focuses on many of the characters who have peopled the islands.
  • Cover scan of Easy Greek
    Easy Greek
    - Book with sound disc - Collins
    This CD pack contains 'Easy Greek', a photo phrase book and a 60-minute CD, which provides a grasp of the language in easy, digestible chunks. Beginning with key words and useful vocabulary, the CD allows the listener to build both basic knowledge and confidence.
  • Cover scan of Gordon Ramsay's Sunday Lunch

    Gordon Ramsay's Sunday Lunch: And Other Recipes From The F Word
    Gordon Ramsay - Hardback with DVD - Quadrille
    Gordon Ramsay presents a collection of 25 menus for Sunday lunch from around the world, each featuring a starter, main course and a pudding, plus an invaluable timetable, alternative recipe and menu suggestions.
  • Cover scan of The Smartest Giant In Town
    The Smartest Giant In Town
    Julia Donaldson - Paperback - Macmillan Children's Books
    George was very happy being the scruffiest giant in town. But one day, when he sees a shop stocking giant-size clothes, he decides it's time to update his image. With smart clothes, George is a new man. However, as he goes home, he meets various animals who desperately need his help.
  • Cover scan of Circus Excite

    Circus Excite
    Nikki Magennis - Paperback - Black Lace
    Julia Spark is a professional dancer, newly graduated. Jobs are hard to find and after a curious audition she finds herself running away with the circus. It's not what she expected - the circus is an adult show full of bizarre performers forbidden from sex yet trained to turn people on.

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