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  • Cover scan of Be Near Me
    Be Near Me
    Andrew O'Hagan - Hardback - Faber
    In a small Scottish parish, an English priest is stalked by the fear of scandal, class hatred and lost ideals. As he looks back on his childhood, Father David begins to reconsider the central events of his life, and to see what may have happened to the political hopes of his generation.
  • Cover scan of Dazzling Stranger
    Dazzling Stranger
    Colin Harper - Paperback - Bloomsbury
    Bert Jansch is the guitarists' guitarist and songwriters' songwriter. He has been admired by stars as diverse as Bob Dylan, Johnny Marr and Jarvis Cocker. This biography follows his career from his early days in Scotland to his current status.
  • Cover scan of Denali/Mount McKinley
    Denali/Mount McKinley: Summit Of North America
    Harry Kikstra - Spiral - Rucksack Readers
    At 6194 metres, Denali - or Mount McKinley - is the highest mountain in North America. This book describes the West Buttress route to its summit, providing advice on how to plan and prepare for an ascent of the Alaskan peak.
  • Cover scan of The Eejits
    The Eejits
    Roald Dahl - Paperback - Itchy Coo
    Featuring the original illustrations by Quentin Blake, this is the much-loved Roald Dahl classic 'The Twits' in a new Scots language edition. Read Matthew Fitt's translation to find out what makes the Eejits so completely mingin.
  • Cover scan of Gorgeous George
    Gorgeous George: The Life And Adventures Of George Galloway
    David Morley - Hardback - Politico's
    George Galloway has made a career of confrontation and has a life story that is stranger than fiction. 'Gorgeous George' is the definitive biography of one of the most bizarre and extraordinary political figures of recent times.
  • Cover scan of Gourmet Glasgow

    Gourmet Glasgow: Second Helpings
    Alan Tomkins - Paperback - Black & White
    Accompanied throughout by illustrations of the dishes, chefs and restaurants, this book is a visual feast which contains over 50 recipes from some of Glasgow's best restaurants.
  • Cover scan of Letters From The Great Wall
    Letters From The Great Wall
    Jenni Calder - Paperback - Luath
    Eleanor Dickinson escapes Scotland and the inevitability of the direction of her life to the Eastern strangeness of China. In leaving behind the physical closeness of her relationships with her partner, brother and family, she is able to analyse and confront 'the mush of dissatisfaction' that had been expanding to fill her life.
  • Cover scan of Love And Revolution
    Love And Revolution: Poetry
    Alastair McIntosh - Paperback - Luath
    'Love and Revolution' is a poetic journey through political ideals, love, loss, and life in the Western Isles.
  • Cover scan of No Fireworks
    No Fireworks
    Rodge Glass - Paperback - Faber
    Abe is a 61-year-old alcoholic with a Henry VIII fixation going through his third divorce. When he starts receiving letters from his dead mother, Evelyn, he is thrown into an identity crisis. His grand-daughter is expelled from school and the pair embark on a quest to work out what Evelyn is trying to impart.
  • Cover scan of Oscar Slater

    Oscar Slater: The 'Immortal' Case Of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
    Thomas Toughill - Paperback - Sutton
    In 1909, Oscar Slater, a German Jew, was convicted and sentenced to death for the brutal murder of Marion Gilchrist, an elderly Glaswegian spinster. His trial is known to have been one of the most scandalous miscarriages of justice in the annals of legal history. This book is provides an account of this infamous case.

Showing page 818 from 1003

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