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    As The Hibs Go Marching On: A Post-War History Of Hibs
    John Campbell - Paperback - Birlinn
    Beginning with the ten year reign of Alex Miller, where the club had to fight off a hostile takeover bid by Mercer, survived to win the Skol Cup, signed players like Andy Goram and Steve Archibald and ventured once again into European competition, John Campbell completes his post-war trilogy on the history of Hibernian FC, this volume sees Campbell cover every season from 1987, through the nineties and into the new millennium, where the club experienced relegation, promotion and two consecutive cup finals.
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    All Through The Night
    Mark Wright - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Bristol, in the summer of 1966: struggling to make ends meet, private detective Joseph Tremaine Ellington sees a way to make some easy cash when he is approached by Ida Stephens, the administrator of a local orphanage. Offering him 500 if he can locate the disgraced GP Doctor Ronald Fowler, Ellington is instructed to track him down by whatever means necessary. But Ellington underestimates his assignment, and he soon finds himself up to his neck in trouble and running for his life.
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    The Admirable Crichton: A Comedy
    J. M. Barrie - Paperback - Dover Publications
    This classic English comedy is elevated by serious undertones concerning the class structure of British society during the early 20th century. First produced in 1902, the play has been frequently revived.
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    Abraham And His Son: The Story Of A Story
    James E. Goodman - Hardback - Sandstone Press
    A mere 19 lines in the book of Genesis, it rests at the heart of history, literature, theology, and sacred rituals of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Writing from the vantage of 'a reader, a son, a Jew, a father, a sceptic, a historian, a lover of stories, and a writer', Goodman gives us an enthralling narrative that moves from its biblical origins to the cultures and faiths of our time. He introduces us to the commentary of Second Temple sages, rabbis and priests of the late antiquity, and early Islamic scholars. He examines Syriac hymns, Hebrew chronicles of the First Crusade, and medieval English mystery plays. He looks at the art of Europe's golden age, and the panoply of 20th-century interpretation.
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    The Apple Spy
    Terry Deary - Paperback - A. & C. Black Publishers
    In this retelling of an extraordinary true story, a pair of children realise that the odd strangers they see in their tiny Scottish village are German spies. Can the children alert the authorities or will the ruthless spies find them first?
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    Angels Like Me
    Karen McCombie - Paperback - Puffin
    Riley's new neighbours are different. Colourful and sparkly, they stand out. It's not just their names or how they dress - there's something magical about them. And since they arrived there have been loads of strange coincidences. Who are these new girls and what's with all the glitter?
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    Acting Suspiciously: Another DJ Smith And Gorgonzola Mission
    Helen Mulgray - Paperback - Matador
    'Act It Out's' historic re-enactments from the life of Mary Queen of Scots are not all that they seem. Sites closely associated with that tragic queen are a cover for the distribution of drugs in central Scotland ...
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    Asterix Agus An Cealgaire
    Goscinny - Paperback - Dalen Alba
    The senate in Rome is seething and demands that Caesar bring the irritating Gauls of Asterixs village to heel. Caesar is helped by Mrnus Gamhlus, a nasty piece of work who turns the contented life of the Gaulish village into a quagmire of jealousy, using their magic potion to his own sneaky end and thats when the Romans decide to attack!
  • Cover scan of Asterix And The Gowden Heuk

    Asterix And The Golden Sickle
    Goscinny - Paperback - Itchy Coo
    Astérix and his gang are in search of a golden sickle to replace the one that Getafix has broken. Unfortunately the sicklesmith, who is a cousin of Obelix's, has mysteriously disappeared.
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    Asterix The Gallus
    Goscinny - Paperback - Itchy Coo
    Those gallus Gauls and glaikit Romans are at it again. After the groundbreaking success of the first Scots Asterix translation, 'Asterix and the Pechts', Matthew Fitt is going back to the very first Asterix adventure.

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