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  • Cover scan of The Angel Of Venice

    The Angel Of Venice
    Mary Hoffman - Paperback - Barrington Stoke
    It is 1571 and Venice's colonies in Cyprus are under threat. The forces of the Holy League sail to meet the Ottoman Empire in the Mediterranean. On board the ship The Angel of Venice is young Venetian boy Luca, torn between the excitement of the sea and precious ties at home.
  • Cover scan of The Art Of Hunting

    The Art Of Hunting
    Alan Campbell - Paperback - Tor
    The Haurstaf have been decimated. The Unmer have seized the palace at Awl. Ianthe's father carries her to safety. But she is not interested in a life of treasure hunting with him. She returns to the palace, hoping to find the Unmer prince with whom she shared some of her darkest moments. Prince Paulus Marquetta discovers a friend and ally in Ianthe, albeit a dangerous one. She has the power to destroy his mind with a single thought, and yet she herself remains at risk from his own innate sorcerous abilities.
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    Angels In Training
    Karen McCombie - Paperback - Puffin
    Riley's life has changed a lot since she discovered the Angelos sister's secret. You see, her new neighbours are a little bit - magical. They know things that no-one else does, and that's why she thinks they can help her find out about mum. But just as she's about to get some answers, mysterious events start happening at school. As things get stranger and stranger, Riley begins to suspect that they're the only ones who can work out what - or who - is behind them.
  • Cover scan of The Awakening

    The Awakening
    Kate Chopin - Paperback - Canongate
    Published in 1899, 'The Awakening' ignited a firestorm of controversy. Reviewers criticized the book for its tacit endorsement of adultery, its frank depiction of a woman's sexual frustration, and its overt rejection of conventional expectations for women's roles and behaviour.
  • Cover scan of As Good As Any Man

    As Good As Any Man: Scotland's Black Tommy
    John Sadler - Paperback - The History Press
    When the harrowing Great War diaries of one of Britain's first black soldiers were unearthed in a dusty Scottish attic nearly 100 years after they were written, they posed a bit of a mystery. The diary entries - which range from May 1917 until 6th March 1918 - were written by one Arthur Roberts while he served with the King's Own Scottish Borderers (KOSB). They went into great detail about what it was like for him during the First World War; such as how he survived the Battle of Passchendaele, and one incident where he escaped unscathed when a German shell killed a dozen men around him. This book explores his life.
  • Cover scan of The Art Of Golf
    The Art Of Golf
    - Paperback - National Galleries of Scotland
    'The Art of Golf' illustrates around 60 works from across the United Kingdom and shows how the noble game has been depicted in European art from the 17th century to the present day in a variety of media: paintings, prints, photographs, cartoons and posters.
  • Cover scan of As Serious As Death
    As Serious As Death
    Quintin Jardine - Paperback - Headline
    Primavera Blackstone has found a hard-earned contentment in a small Spanish village by the sea. A fiercely protective single mother, she doesn't appreciate an offer of marriage. Nor does she welcome the arrival of a blast from her murky Scottish past; retired cop Ricky Ross, now a private detective and working for Jack Weighley, millionaire owner of a budget airline. Jack is a powerful, persuasive man with deep pockets, someone you don't say 'no' to without considering the consequences. So Primavera teams up with Ricky to investigate a series of mystery assaults on Jack's aircraft. Are they mere acts of vandalism, or the sinister work of Catalan extremists? When Ricky's car is fire-bombed and he narrowly escapes with his life, more questions arise.
  • Cover scan of All Sorts To Make A World
    All Sorts To Make A World
    John Agard - Paperback - Barrington Stoke
    Shona and her dad are just returning from a trip to the Natural History Museum when - oh no! - their train comes to a halt. What can Shona do to pass the time except study the passengers in her carriage?
  • Cover scan of Ayrshire Buses
    Ayrshire Buses
    David Devoy - Paperback - Amberley
    David Devoy uses but a few of his 40,000 images of Scottish buses to illustrate the changing buses and operators found in Ayrshire. There are many fine views of buses from the fleets of A1 Service, AA Motor Services and Clyde Coast Services taken over many years that record the scene for future generations to enjoy.
  • Cover scan of Artefacts Of The Dead
    Artefacts Of The Dead
    Tony Black - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    The discovery of a dead banker sends shock waves through the sleepy coastal town of Ayr. And it's up to DI Bob Valentine - recently back on the force after his near-fatal stabbing - to find the killer.

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