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    Curious Scotland: Tales From A Hidden History
    George Rosie - Hardback - Granta
    George Rosie unearths and illuminates many neglected aspects of Scottish history in a rich collection of episodes that range from the Picts to the Indian tribes of North America.
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    The Cold Cold Sea
    Linda Huber - Paperback - Legend
    They stared at each other, and Maggie felt the tightness in her middle expand as it shifted, burning its way up. Painful sobs rose from her throat as Colin, his face expressionless now, reached for his mobile and dialled 999. When three-year-old Olivia disappears, her parents are overwhelmed with grief. Weeks go by and Olivia's mother refuses to leave the cottage, staring out at the turbulent sea and praying it didn't claim her precious daughter's life. Not far away, another mother watches proudly as her daughter starts school. Jennifer has loved Hailey for five years, but the child is suddenly moody and difficult, and there's a niggling worry of doubt that Jennifer cannot shake off. As she struggles to maintain control there are gaps in her story that even she can't explain. Time is running out for Maggie at the cottage, and also for Jennifer and Hailey. No-one can underestimate a mother's love for her child, and no-one can predict the lengths one will go to, to protect her family.
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    The Causal Angel
    Hannu Rajaniemi - Paperback - Gollancz
    Hannu Rajaniemi is from Finland and has a PhD in String Theory. He has lived, taught and worked in Edinburgh for the last seven years where he was a member of the high profile writing group that also included Hal Duncan and Alan Campbell.
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    Closed Doors
    Lisa O'Donnell - Paperback - Windmill Books
    11-year-old Michael Murray is the best at two things: keepy-uppies and keeping secrets. His family think he's too young to hear grown-up stuff, but he listens at doors; it's the only way to find out anything. And Michael's heard a secret, one that might explain the bruises on his mother's face. When the whispers at home and on the street become too loud to ignore, Michael begins to wonder if there is an even bigger secret he doesn't know about. Scared of what might happen if anyone finds out, and desperate for life to return to normal, Michael sets out to piece together the truth.
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    Cold Hands
    John Niven - Paperback - Windmill Books
    You think you're safe. You've got it all - the new life, the rich wife, the beautiful son. You've got so much to lose. And I'm going to take it. I'm going to take everything there is to take. Make you watch. You thought you could leave the past behind. Think again.
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    Corpse Talk
    Adam Murphy - Paperback - David Fickling Books
    In this collection our intrepid interviewer, Adam Murphy, draws himself digging up and interviewing unusual and interesting dead famous people. He gets all the amazing guys and girls from history to spill the beans on some of the most incredible, astonishing, grizzly, grimy and cool bits of our world's history!
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    Richie McCaffery - Paperback - Nine Arches
    Richie McCaffrey's debut collection of poems begins in a dedication and ends with ghosts - in between lies hoards of artefacts and long-forgotten antiques; a police whistle, a tarnished silver spoon, the bookmark lodged in a boring book decades before that sings of a lost age.
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    Central Glasgow Through Time
    Etta Dunn - Paperback - Amberley
    This fascinating selection of photographs traces some of the many ways in which central Glasgow has changed and developed over the last century.
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    The Chambers Dictionary
    - Hardback - Chambers
    This dictionary offers coverage of English vocabulary, ranging from rare words to the latest slang and technical terms. It contains a wealth of appendices with information from chemical elements to first names, and the plays of Shakespeare to the Greek and Hebrew alphabets.
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    Call Me Sister!: District Nursing Tales From The Swinging Sixties
    Jane Yeadon - Paperback - B&W
    Who'd have thought a missing bacon rasher and a teaspoon would play a part in advancing someone's career? It's the late '60s and Jane Yeadon has always wanted to be a district nurse. Staff nursing in a ward where she's challenged by an inventory-driven ward sister, she reckons it's time to swap such trivialities for life as a district nurse. Independent thinking is one thing, but Jane's about to find that the drama on district can demand instant reaction; and without hospital back up, she's ususally the one having to provide it.

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