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    Corvus: A Life With Birds
    Esther Woolfson - Paperback - Counterpoint
    16 years ago, Esther Woolfson's daughter rescued a fledgling rook. That rook, named Chicken, has lived with the family ever since - along with a talking magpie named Spike and a crow named Ziki. A blend of memoir and natural history, this book brings Chicken and the others vividly to life.
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    Cruachan!: The Hollow Mountain
    Marian Pallister - Paperback - Birlinn
    'Cruachan!' was the battle cry of the Campbells. In the early 1960s, the invasion of the 3,000 men who hollowed out Argyll's noblest and highest mountain as part of a massive hydro-electric project could have annihilated the local community. Instead, the people of Loch Awe, Dalmally and Taynuilt welcomed the invaders, embraced the project and emerged the winners. Fifty years on, an integrated community still lives under the Hollow Mountain, and the cry of 'Cruachan!' signifies a Scottish success story. In this book, based on interviews, media reports, court reports and film archival material, Marian Pallister tells the story of the project - featuring the extraordinary experience of those who worked on the mountain as well as the effects on the local community of one of the biggest civil engineering projects ever to have been undertaken in Scotland.
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    The Case Against Israel
    Michael Neumann - Paperback - AK Press
    This title provides a measured but relentless assessment of the long struggle between Israelis and Palestinians. Neumann - the son of German Jewish refugees - argues that Zionism was responsible for the Middle East conflict and that Israel is responsible for its perpetuation. He emphasizes the fateful Zionist quest for Jewish sovereignty in Palestine, a quest that made violence inevitable and compromise impossible.
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    Chasing Lost Time: The Life Of C.K. Scott Moncrieff
    Jean Findlay - Hardback - Chatto & Windus
    C.K. Scott Moncrieff's translation of Proust's 'A La Recherche du Temps Perdu' was first published in English in 1922. It was hailed as 'nothing less than extraordinary' and was the beginning of a work that would exhaust and consume him, leading to his early death at the age of just forty. Written by Scott Moncrieff's great-great-niece, Jean Findlay, with exclusive access to the family archive, this is the tale of a man expert at living a paradoxical life - fervent Catholic convert and homosexual, gregarious and deeply lonely, interwar spy and public man of letters - a man for whom honour was the most abiding principle.
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    Commissioned By God
    Hugh Sawers - Paperback - Matador
    This is a detailed account of life in three specific parishes of the Church of Scotland and provides considerable insights into the life of the minister.
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    Celtic: Pride And Passion
    Jim Craig - Paperback - Mainstream Publishing
    Celtic Football Club's story is laced with drama and excitement, featuring a host of colourful individuals and a social history matched by few, if any, football clubs. Lisbon Lion Jim Craig and Pat Woods, a historian of the club, take a fresh look at several lesser-known episodes in Celtic's history, including: the fascinating link between Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and a dramatic Ne'erday match at Celtic Park; the unforgettable night the 'playboy of the Eastern world' lit up Parkhead with a performance that helped to sow the seeds for a revolution at the club.
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    Amanda Mitchison - Paperback - Corgi Children's
    When Wilf sees the small, gold-rimmed wooden bowl in the local museum, he's not sure why he's so drawn to it - but something about the bowl has him mesmerized, and he just has to take it. Leaving the museum with the bowl under his jacket, he notices two men in dark suits heading purposefully inside, and something tells him he should make a quick exit. The next morning, when Wilf wakes up, there's a small, pale creature in his room: Crog. Dressed in brown rags, dripping mud and blood, with black stubs for teeth and a grisly rope around his neck, Crog isn't sure how he ended up here - but he knows it's because of the bowl.
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    The Cumbrian Wars: Strathclyde And The English, AD 750 To 1100
    T. J. Clarkson - Paperback - John Donald
    With a geographical focus on what are now south-west Scotland and north-west England, 'The Cumbrian Wars' traces the history of political relations between the kingdom of Strathclyde and its English neighbours in the Viking Age. At the centre of the narrative are the Cumbri, or North Britons, an ancient people whose kings ruled from a power base in the lower valley of the River Clyde.
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    Concerning The Atlas Of Scotland
    Tom Pow - Paperback - Polygon
    Tom Pow spent six months as writer in residence at the National Library of Scotland Map Library in Edinburgh. He was so inspired by the collection that they hold and by the stories that they tell that he wrote a collection of poetry based on that experience. Published by Polygon but with input from the National Library and illustrated with details from the collection, this collection will be welcomed by map lovers as well as poetry lovers.
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    Claimed By The Laird
    Nicola Cornick - Paperback - Harlequin MIRA
    An old maid - that's all Lady Christina McMorlan, daughter to the Duke of Forres, is to society now that she's past thirty. She hosts her father's parties and cares for her siblings, knowing she'll never have her own home and family. She has no time to pine, however. By night, she's The Lady, head of a notorious whiskey-smuggling gang that supports her impoverished clan. They're always one step ahead of the revenue man - until Lucas Black shows up. Rejecting his title and the proper society that disparaged his mother, Lucas earns his living running a successful gambling house. He's also a spy, charged with bringing down the Forres Gang. He thinks The Lady's just a bored society spinster. She thinks he's a lost child playing at rebellion. And when the truth comes out, it's not just their love on the line.

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