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  • Cover scan of City Of Gangs
    City Of Gangs
    Andrew Davies - Paperback - Hodder
    During the 1920s and 1930s, Glasgow gained an unenviable and enduring notoriety as Britain's gang city - the 'Scottish Chicago'. Out of the most dilapidated and overcrowded tenements in Britain stepped young men and women dressed like Hollywood gangsters and their molls. On the city's streets they took centre stage in dramas of their own making, fighting territorial battles laced with religious sectarianism and running protection rackets modelled on those of the American underworld. Drawing on 15 years of original research, Andrew Davies, brings to life the reign of terror exerted by gangs like the Billy Boys, the Kent Star, the Savoy Arcadians and the South Side Stickers.
  • Cover scan of Collins Little Book Of Clans And Tartans
    Collins Little Book Of Clans And Tartans: Traditional Scottish Tartans
    Brian Wilton - Paperback - Collins
    Featuring over 100 clans, this little book focuses on the history of the world famous Scottish tartan.
  • Cover scan of Collins Little Book Of Scottish History
    Collins Little Book Of Scottish History: From Bannockburn To Holyrood
    John Abernethy - Paperback - Collins
    From prehistoric Scotland to the 2014 referendum for independence, this little book covers all the main events throughout Scotland's history.
  • Cover scan of Collins Little Book Of Whisky
    Collins Little Book Of Whisky: Malt Whiskies Of Scotland
    Dominic Roskrow - Paperback - Collins
    This little book includes the major Scotch whiskies and the distilleries that produce them. It is completely up-to-date, including new Scottish distilleries which have yet to bottle spirit or establish a core product. What's more, an introduction exploring the current whisky boom and how distilleries are coping with this surge in demand makes it a great introduction for anyone looking to learn about whisky.
  • Cover scan of Capital
    Capital: A Portrait Of Twenty-First Century Delhi
    Rana Dasgupta - Hardback - Canongate
    At the turn of the 21st century, acclaimed novelist Rana Dasgupta arrived in Delhi with a single suitcase. He had no intention of staying for long. But the city beguiled him - he 'fell in love and in hate with it' - and 14 years later, Delhi is still his home. In 'Capital', Dasgupta takes us through a series of encounters - with billionaires and bureaucrats, drug dealers and metal traders, slum dwellers and psychoanalysts - which plunge us into Delhi's intoxicating, and sometimes terrifying, story of capitalist transformation.
  • Cover scan of The Cevennes Journal
    The Cevennes Journal: Notes On A Journey Through The French Highlands
    Robert Louis Stevenson - Paperback - Mainstream Publishing
    In September 1878, Robert Louis Stevenson travelled by donkey through the Cevennes region of France. For personal memory - and, as it happens, for literary posterity - the young Stevenson recorded copious notes on his journey as he travelled. This travelogue, which also includes several of Stevenson's previously unpublished sketches of the region, provides both a unique socio-historical document and an important piece of literature.
  • Cover scan of A Croft In The Hills
    A Croft In The Hills
    Katharine Stewart - Paperback - Birlinn
    'A Croft in the Hills' captures life on a hill croft 50 years ago. A couple and their young daughter, fresh from life in the town, struggle to get the work done and make ends meet in an environment that is, at times, hard and unforgiving.
  • Cover scan of Cold Winter In Bordeaux
    Cold Winter In Bordeaux
    Allan Massie - Paperback - Quartet
    Winter, 1942-43. The war is turning against Germany on the Eastern Front. The Americans land in North Africa. Meanwhile in Bordeaux, Superintendent Lannes investigates the murder of a woman.
  • Cover scan of Cross And Burn
    Cross And Burn
    Val McDermid - Paperback - Sphere
    Guilt and grief have driven a wedge between long time crime-fighting partners psychologist Tony Hill and ex-DCI Carol Jordan. But just because they're not talking doesn't mean the killing stops. Someone is killing women. Women who bear a disturbing resemblance to Carol Jordan. And when the evidence begins to point in a disturbing direction, thinking the unthinkable seems the only possible answer. Cornered by events, Tony and Carol are forced to fight for themselves and each other as never before.
  • Cover scan of Crumbs
    Miha Mazzini - Paperback - Freight
    A bestselling novel from the former Yugoslavia, this is a hilarious, anarchic, irreverent black comedy about national aspirations and wanting things you can't have.

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