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  • Cover scan of False Gods
    False Gods: The Heresy Takes Root
    Graham McNeill - Paperback - Black Library
    For years, fans have been clamouring for novels about the Horus Heresy - the bloody civil war that set Space Marine against Space Marine and nearly spelled the end of mankind at the hands of the traitor Horus. 'False Gods' takes the epic story onwards as Horus struggles to keep his armies in line and the seeds of his downfall are sown.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    A Final Grain Of Truth
    Jack Webster - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    The final instalment of revered journalist Jack Webster's highly acclaimed autobiography which looks back at an eventful life and career, detailing experiences that shaped his life as well as the many people he has encountered along the way - from some of the greatest celebrities of our time to ordinary people with extraordinary stories to tell.
  • Cover scan of First Aid For Fairies And Other Fabled Beasts
    First Aid For Fairies And Other Fabled Beasts
    Lari Don - Paperback - Kelpies
    A skilful blend of fable and fiction as Helen embarks on an exciting race through Scotland's diverse landscapes, accompanied by an array of creatures from mythology and folklore.
  • Cover scan of Full Measure

    Full Measure
    T. Jefferson Parker - Paperback - Sandstone Press
    Patrick Norris returns to rural California after serving with the Marine Corps in Afghanistan. Fire has ravaged his home farm and it has all become too much for his parents and brother to manage. The country has changed though, notably after the mass killings of children in schools across the United States, invariably by lone gunmen, and a great tension exists in the people. Is there really a case for an even wider ownership of guns? Patrick's brother, Ted, hasn't had it easy in life. Health conditions have slowed him down and set him apart. Ted worships Patrick, and Patrick knows he has to be an example, but settling down to the country life cannot be easy after Iraq. When a child is mown down by an unknown driver suspicion takes over Fallbrook. There will be deaths before it is all resolved, perhaps many and perhaps the death of innocents.
  • Cover scan of Frozen Charlotte

    Frozen Charlotte
    Alex Bell - Paperback - Stripes
    Sophie's quest to discover the truth about her best friend's death takes her to a remote Scottish island and the home of a family with secrets to hide. If she can't unravel the mystery soon, her best friend won't be the only person who meets an early grave.
  • Cover scan of Fred A. Farrell
    Fred A. Farrell: Glasgow's War Artist
    - Paperback - I.B. Tauris
    As a former soldier, Fred A. Farrell's sketches and watercolours of the Front powerfully offer a landscape filtered through personal experience and emotion. This book examines, for the first time, his unique and vivid records of war.
  • Cover scan of Fergie Rises
    Fergie Rises: How Britain's Greatest Football Manager Was Made At Aberdeen
    Michael Grant - Hardback - Aurum Press
    Alex Ferguson was not the greatest manager football has ever seen when he turned up in Aberdeen one June morning in 1978. In fact he really wasn't anything special at all. 'Fergie Rises' is the story of a period that began when Ferguson was lucky to get Aberdeen, not the other way around. It is the story of an eight-year revolution in which he outgrew that club up in the northeast of Scotland - and left them devastated by his departure.
  • Cover scan of The Forth Bridges
    The Forth Bridges: Through Time
    Michael Meighan - Paperback - Amberley
    Michael Meighan tells the story of the two Forth bridges, the predecessor of the rail bridge and the new Queensferry Crossing, which opens in 2016.
  • Cover scan of Fatal Rivalry
    Fatal Rivalry, Flodden 1513: Henry VIII, James IV And The Battle For Renaissance Britain
    George Goodwin - Paperback - Phoenix
    In 'Fatal Rivalry' George Goodwin captures the vibrant Renaissance splendour of the royal courts of England and Scotland, with their wealth, innovation and artistic expression. He shows how two powers on one island forced themselves to war.
  • Cover scan of The Falconer
    The Falconer
    Elizabeth May - Paperback - Gollancz
    Lady Aileana Kameron, the only daughter of the Marquess of Douglas, was destined for a life carefully planned around Edinburgh's social events - right up until a faery killed her mother. Now it's the 1844 winter season and Aileana slaughters faeries in secret, in between the endless round of parties, tea and balls.

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