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  • Cover scan of The Genie
    The Genie
    Mary Hooper - Paperback - Barrington Stoke
    Everyone would like a genie to carry out their wishes, right? Perhaps not, as Fudge discovers when she gains her own supernatural helper. Be careful what you wish for.
  • Cover scan of Gibbo
    Gibbo: The Davie Gibson Story
    Davie Gibson - Paperback - Amberley
    Davie Gibson, universally known as 'Gibbo', was a shy wee lad from Winchburgh, a mining village in West Lothian. This book tells the fascinating story which unfolds and Gibbo overcomes an inferiority complex to flourish as one of the most skilful football players in Leicester City's history.
  • Cover scan of Glasgow Central Station
    Glasgow Central Station: Through Time
    Michael Meighan - Paperback - Amberley
    The larger of the two railway stations in Glasgow, Glasgow Central is the busiest station in Scotland and the busiest in the UK outside of London, used by some 38 million people annually. Glasgow Central, however, is also a category A listed building. Originally opened in August 1879, the station became a landmark in Glasgow following a rebuild between 1901 and 1905 supervised by Caledonian Railway chief engineer Donald Matheson. This selection of photographs traces some of the many ways in which Glasgow Central Station has changed and developed over the last century.
  • Cover scan of The Good News
    The Good News
    Rob A. Mackenzie - Hardback - Salt
    Rob A. Mackenzie offers a typically versatile collection, combining an inimitable sensibility and imagination with a secure command of tone. These poems confirm his growing reputation as one of our most intriguing and alluring voices.
  • Cover scan of Guinea Pig Party
    Guinea Pig Party
    Holly Surplice - Paperback - Nosy Crow
    Count to ten and back again with the world's sweetest guinea pigs. The guinea pigs are having a party and - like many toddler parties - it's all going a bit wrong. But, not to worry, it all ends up happily with party bags galore.
  • Cover scan of The Girl With No Name
    The Girl With No Name: The Incredible True Story Of A Child Raised By Monkeys
    Marina Chapman - Hardback - Mainstream Publishing
    In 1954, a young girl was abducted and then abandoned in the Colombian rainforest. So begins the incredible story of Marina Chapman, who went on to spend five years in the jungle, her only family being a troop of capuchin monkeys. Using instinct to guide her, she copied everything they did and soon learned to fend for herself. At around ten years old, a feral Marina was returned to civilisation by hunters, who sold her to a brothel. Beaten daily and groomed to be a prostitute, she escaped and lived as a street kid. However, Marina's life as a wild child wasn't over - in some ways, it had only just begun.
  • Cover scan of Glasgow
    Glasgow: The Real Mean City
    Malcolm Archibald - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Glasgow formed Britain's first professional police force in the 19th century and men such as Superintendent James Smart fought to stem the crime that at times seemed to overwhelm the city. The police had an often thankless task and this book chronicles the century long struggle of the forces of law and order to bring peace to a troubled city.
  • Cover scan of The Green Fuse

    The Green Fuse: Inside The Radical Environmental Movement
    Jeffrey St. Clair - Paperback - AK
    In 1998, activists with the Earth Liberation Front burned down parts of a ski resort, claiming their goal was to protect the habitat of endangered lynx from expansion. This dramatic act was followed by a wave of arson and sabotage, targeting research labs and industrial corporations by a network of environmental militants. This prompted the creation of repressive new laws. 'The Green Fuse' profiles the leading figures of this movement, showing how activists were threatened, spied upon, infiltrated, tried under draconian laws and sentenced to harsh prison terms.
  • Cover scan of Glasgow
    Ron Clark - Paperback - APA Publications
    'Glasgow' is a compact travel guide that combines snappy text with photography to highlight the very best that this lively city has to offer. The walks and tours section suggests various routes around the city to discover the key sights that you will not want to miss; from an artistic amble around the West End and Southside on the Mackintosh Tour, to a trip through Glasgow's industrial heritage via the Old Fruitmarket and City Halls on the Merchant City tour.
  • Cover scan of A Glasgow Gang Observed
    A Glasgow Gang Observed
    James Patrick - Paperback - NWP
    In the 1960's a 26-year-old schoolmaster at a Scottish reformatory (List D) School, under the alias of James Patrick, went undercover with the help of one of his pupils to study the often violent behaviour of the teenagers in a gang in Glasgow. This book became one of the first published observations of a Glasgow gang. This new 3rd edition features a new preface from the author.

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