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  • Cover scan of In At The Death

    In At The Death
    David Wishart - Paperback - Hodder
    The surprise suicide of a young man with apparently everything to live for, prompts his family to ask Marcus Corvinus to investigate. All they really want is an explanation. But Marcus's sleuthing uncovers many contradictory elements in the tale, and he is forced to conclude that this wasn't suicide, but murder.
  • Cover scan of I Crossed The Minch
    I Crossed The Minch
    Louis MacNeice - Paperback - Polygon
    Louis MacNeice and his wife Nancy visited the Hebrides in 1937. Following loosely in the footsteps of Johnson and Boswell, MacNeice describes with distinctive candour the people, customs and landscapes of the Hebrides.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    Ideas That Shaped The World: An Introduction To The John Murray Archive
    - Paperback - National Library of Scotland
    'Ideas that Shaped the World' offers a glimpse into the political, social and intellectual life of the John Murray publishing firm's heyday, via the correspondence between authors and publisher.
  • Cover scan of I Know What You Did Last Wednesday
    I Know What You Did Last Wednesday
    Anthony Horowitz - Paperback - Walker
    When Tim and his brother, Nick, are invited to a school reunion on a remote Scottish island, they should be pleased. But Nick's got a bad feeling and it's not indigestion.
  • Cover scan of In Where It Hurts

    In Where It Hurts: My Autobiography
    Bryan Gunn - Paperback - VSP
    Bryan Gunn played for Aberdeen, Norwich, Hibs and Scotland before retiring from football in 1999. In this book, he recalls the triumphs of his career - such as Norwich's remarkable European run in season 1993/94 - as well as the personal tragedy of the death of his young daughter Francesca.
  • Cover scan of I'm A Lebowski, You're A Lebowski
    I'm A Lebowski: Life, The Big Lebowski, And What-Have-You
    - Paperback - Canongate
    The curators of Lebowski Fest offer a complete guide to one of the few true cult movies of the last 20 years, with photographs, real locations and interviews with the stars of The Big Lebowski, including Philip Seymour Hoffman, John Goodman and Julianne Moore - and a foreword by 'The Dude' (Jeff Bridges.)
  • Cover scan of Images Of Scotland
    Images Of Scotland
    Karen Fitzpatrick - Paperback - Lomond
    Scotland is unrivalled in its majestic beauty and colourful history. Let this informative and passionate book take you on a fascinating journey through every corner of the country.
  • Cover scan of An Iliad

    An Iliad
    Alessandro Baricco; Homer - Hardback - Canongate
    Alessandro Baricco recreates the siege of Troy through the voices of 21 Homeric characters. Sacrificing none of Homer's panoramic scope, he forgoes Homer's detachment and admits us to realms of subjective experience his predecessor never explored.
  • Cover scan of The Indian Boy

    The Indian Boy
    Rona Munro - Paperback - Nick Hern
  • Cover scan of I Never Knew That About Scotland
    I Never Knew That About Scotland
    Chris Winn - Hardback - Ebury
    Guiding us through the highlands and the islands, the lowlands and the borders, Christopher Winn unearths the adventures, firsts, birthplaces, legends and inventions that lie hidden in Scotland's romantic landscape.

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