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  • Cover scan of If You Dare
    If You Dare
    Kresley Cole - Paperback - Simon & Schuster
    'If You Dare' is the first book in a trilogy from featuring the three MacCarrick brothers. Author Kresley Cole takes readers on a journey through the Scottish Highlands to Andorra with hunky leading men and a romantic storyline.
  • Cover scan of The Ice Man
    The Ice Man: Confessions Of A Mafia Contract Killer
    Philip Carlo - Paperback - Mainstream
    Carlo offers a blood-chilling insight into the mind of one of America's most prolific assassins, Richard 'the Ice Man' Kuklinski. Whilst writing this book, he spent many hours interviewing Kuklinski at Trenton State Prison in New Jersey and had the full cooperation of his family, who offered their side of the story.
  • Cover scan of I, Claud

    I, Claud: Memoirs Of A Subversive
    Claud Cockburn - Paperback - AK
    These are the memoirs of radical journalist Claud Cockburn. He worked for 'The Times,' then turned to the Left and worked for the Communist Party's 'Daily Worker' and fought for the Republic in the Spanish Civil War before moving to Ireland to start a new life as a novelist and freelance commentator.
  • Cover scan of In The Highlander's Bed
    In The Highlander's Bed
    Cathy Maxwell - Paperback - Avon
    Gordon Lachlan, Laird McKenna, has one duty and that is to his people. Beaten down by the English, there is only one way he can regain his honour & his people's pride - recover the Sword of McKenna from his former hostage, the Duke of Colster.
  • Cover scan of If You Deceive
    If You Deceive
    Kresley Cole - Paperback - Pocket
    Ethan MacCarrick, the eldest and most wicked of the MacCarrick brothers, tricks lovely and innocent Madeleine van Rowen into thinking he's eloping with her. Instead, he takes her to his wind-tossed, seaside estate in the Highlands, where he plans to seduce her and make her his mistress until he tires of her.
  • Cover scan of Innovative Production Machines And Systems
    Innovative Production Machines And Systems: Third I*PROMS Virtual Conference, 2nd-13th July 2007
    - Hbk. + CD - Whittles
    This collection of over 100 papers is a focal point for access to information from researchers and industrial practitioners in the field of intelligent systems and soft computing techniques and their application in diverse areas within manufacturing.
  • Cover scan of In The Shadow Of Papillon
    In The Shadow Of Papillon: Seven Years Of Hell In Venezuela's Prison System
    Frank Kane - Paperback - Mainstream
    Following the collapse of his business and the loss of his home, Frank Kane made a catastrophic decision. In desperation, he agreed to smuggle some cocaine out of Venezuela, but he and his girlfriend were caught. The price they paid was a ten-year sentence in the the overcrowded Venezuelan prison system. This is Frank's story.
  • Cover scan of An Inquiry Into The Nature And Causes Of The Wealth Of Nations
    The Wealth Of Nations
    Adam Smith - Hardback - Harriman House
    Adam Smith's classical economic treatise examines the division of labour as the key to economic growth by ensuring the interdependence of individuals within society. He also covers the origins of money, the importance of wages, profit, rent and stocks.
  • Cover scan of In At The Death

    In At The Death
    David Wishart - Paperback - Hodder
    The surprise suicide of a young man with apparently everything to live for, prompts his family to ask Marcus Corvinus to investigate. All they really want is an explanation. But Marcus's sleuthing uncovers many contradictory elements in the tale, and he is forced to conclude that this wasn't suicide, but murder.
  • Cover scan of I Crossed The Minch
    I Crossed The Minch
    Louis MacNeice - Paperback - Polygon
    Louis MacNeice and his wife Nancy visited the Hebrides in 1937. Following loosely in the footsteps of Johnson and Boswell, MacNeice describes with distinctive candour the people, customs and landscapes of the Hebrides.

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