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  • Cover scan of The Miracle At Speedy Motors

    The Miracle At Speedy Motors
    Alexander McCall Smith - Compact Disc - Hachette Audio
    The ninth book in the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency series, full of warmth and wisdom and ably read by Adjoa Andoh.
  • Cover scan of My Best Friend's Life
    My Best Friend's Life
    Shari Low - Paperback - Avon
    A more unlikely pairing you'd struggle to find, but Roxy & Ginny have been there for each other ever since they were five years old. Even though Roxy is now living the high life in London & Ginny is still at home in sleepy Farnham Hills, the bond is as deep as it ever was. But what will happen when they swap lives?
  • Cover scan of My (most Excellent) Pet Project
    My (most Excellent) Pet Project
    Karen McCombie - Paperback - Walker
    Animal advice, short stories and furry facts abound in this fun compendium of pets, starring the lovable Indie Kidd.
  • Cover scan of Miss Fox
    Miss Fox
    Simon Puttock; Holly Swain - Paperback - Frances Lincoln Children's
    Miss Fox is a wonderful teacher. All the children love her. All, that is, except Lily Lamb, who is the naughtiest girl in school. So when Miss Fox takes the class out on a long nature walk, Lily is the only one who sees through Miss Fox's dazzling smile right down to her dark and sinister intentions.
  • Cover scan of Monuments In The Landscape
    Monuments In The Landscape
    - Paperback - Tempus
    Landscape archaeology, particularly the archaeology of monuments in the landscape, has made a significant contribution to the development of archaeological thinking in Britain. This book brings together some major studies influenced by these approaches.
  • Cover scan of My Epileptic Lurcher
    My Epileptic Lurcher
    Des Dillon - Hardback - Luath
    Manny Riley is a recovering alcoholic and struggling scriptwriter with a serious anger management problem. Lately, though, things have started to change for the better. A happy marriage, a move away from Glasgow to an idyllic seaside village and the adoption of Bailey, a lurcher with epilepsy.
  • Cover scan of Married To A Man Of Two Halves
    Married To A Man Of Two Halves: The Story Of The Original Footballer's Wife
    Agnes Docherty - Hardback - John Blake
    Including tales of Tom Finney, Bill Shankly and Matt Busby, George Graham, and Terry Venables, Best, Law, plus many more, Agnes paints a unique portrait of life as a footballer's wife. This is a truly touching love story that ended in disbelief, divorce and debt. The story of a remarkable life and a remarkable woman.
  • Cover scan of Macbeth
    Hilary Burningham - Compact Disc - Evans
    The 'Graphic Shakespeare Audio' series offers an introduction to Shakespeare's plays, using simplified text and dramatic pictures to bring to life the main characters and key events. Short extracts from the original plays focus on the key speeches.
  • Cover scan of Making A Killing

    Making A Killing: The Political Economy Of Animal Rights
    Bob Torres - Paperback - AK
    With a focus on labour, property, and the life of commodities, 'Making a Killing' contains key insights on the nature of domination, power, and hierarchy, and argues for a critical social theory that understands the human domination of nature in terms of the domination of human by human.
  • Cover scan of My Mother Wears Combat Boots

    My Mother Wears Combat Boots: A Parenting Guide For The Rest Of Us
    Jessica Mills - Paperback - AK
    'Punk Mom' Jessica Mills uses her own experience of pregnancy and parenting to illuminate the tricky course ahead for the prospective parent who doesn't fit into the relatively wealthy demographic that is the target of most parenting advice.

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