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    Murder Capital: Life And Death On The Streets Of Glasgow
    Reg McKay - Paperback - Black & White
    'Murder Capital' leads you to Glasgow's darkest corners and to the most evil citizens, introducing you to people you definitely don't want to meet on a dark night.
  • Cover scan of My Perfect Silence
    My Perfect Silence
    Penelope Evans - Paperback - Allison & Busby
    'I was four when I killed my baby brother'. Two decades on and Rose is still haunted by the death of her brother. Her father grieved for the baby and for her, but her mother shuddered even at the sound of her name. Rose took a vow of silence and nothing has broken through.
  • Cover scan of Man With Two Dogs

    Man With Two Dogs: A Breath Of Fresh Air From Scotland
    Angus Whitson - Hardback - Black & White
    Angus Whitson shares his countryside diary, his thoughts and reminiscences, and shows how nature can be beautiful and unsentimental, cuddly and cruel. He also presents some delicious recipes to help make the most of Scotland's natural larder.
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    Monday Girl
    Doris Davidson - Paperback - Birlinn
    After the death of her father, 10 year-old Renee and her mother are forced to open up their home to two lodgers. An impressionable child, Renee grows up weaving romantic fantasies around both men. But when they are sent to fight in World War Two, the young woman's life is thrown into turmoil.
  • Cover scan of The Mother's Story

    The Mother's Story
    Julia O'Donnell - Hardback - Ebury
    'The Mother's Story' is a moving account of growing up in rural Ireland by the mother of international singing star Daniel O'Donnell.
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    Monty: The Definitive Biography Of Colin Montgomerie
    Dale Concannon - Hardback - Virgin
    Seven-time European number one, and the towering inspiration behind three successive European Ryder Cup victories, Colin Montgomerie has been praised for his golfing brilliance as well as vilified for his on-course sullenness. Here, Dale Concannon tells the story of arguably the greatest golfer never to win a major.
  • Cover scan of The Man Who Challenged America
    The Man Who Challenged America: The Life And Obsession Of Sir Thomas Lipton
    Laurence Brady - Hardback - Birlinn
    Born in Glasgow in 1850, Thomas Lipton was one of the world's first global entrepreneurs. His showmanship, business flair and customer-driven focus created a chain of nationwide grocery stores and the thriving Lipton tea business, making him a multi-millionaire. This is his biography.
  • Cover scan of My Life As A Man
    My Life As A Man
    Frederic Lindsay - Paperback - Polygon
    When factory owner Bernard Morton fires him from his first job, Harry Glass protests by impulsively going off with Morton's car and the intriguing Mrs Morton. Shocked out of the life she has been living, Mrs Morton forms a bond with Harry as they are pursued from one city to another by the Morton brothers.
  • Cover scan of The Mystery Of The Great Stone Haggis

    The Mystery Of The Great Stone Haggis
    Karen Wallace - Paperback - Happy Cat
    Fearless Fiona, part-time reporter for her father's 'Daily Screamer' newspaper, has a nose for a story. In this book, Fiona must find out why the Tartan Traveller Hotel is full of divers calling themselves Haggis.
  • Cover scan of The Man Who Walks
    The Man Who Walks
    Alan Warner - Paperback - Vintage
    A scandalous theft has left a pub's World Cup cash kitty missing, causing a homeless drifter to pursue his eccentric uncle into the Highlands. This novel concerns the nephew's progress and bizarre diversions, in pursuit of his uncle.

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