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  • Cover scan of Off Kilter!

    Off Kilter!: A Cheeky Wee Keek At Couthie Humour
    - Hardback - doodlemacdoodle
    28 classic couthie nineteenth-century full colour photos with ridiculously modern comments - in Scots, with additional anecdotes in English.
  • Cover scan of One Ted Falls Out Of Bed
    One Ted Falls Out Of Bed: A Counting Story
    Julia Donaldson - Boards - Macmillan Children's
    When ted falls out of bed, three tearaway mice whisk him off on a breath-taking journey. They zoom around in fast cars, go on a balloon ride and climb a building-block mountain. It's all very exciting, but will it get ted back to bed?
  • Cover scan of Olivia's Enchanted Summer
    Olivia's Enchanted Summer
    Lyn Gardner - Paperback - Nosy Crow
    Olivia and her friends are going to be spending August in Edinburgh, home to the world-famous Fringe Festival. They can't wait to get there, to stay in the beautiful city and soak up the festival atmosphere. But the run doesn't go smoothly. There's a thief in their midst who's determined to steal the show.
  • Cover scan of Only Fools And Horses
    Only Fools And Horses: The Story Of Britain's Favourite Comedy
    Graham McCann - Paperback - Canongate
    In September 1981, BBC One screened the pilot episode of a British sitcom set in a block of council flats in Peckham, south London - 9 million people tuned in. In the 30 years since viewers first visited Nelson Mandela House, 'Only Fools and Horses' is still Britain's most-watched and best-loved sitcom.
  • Cover scan of Operation Dark Heart
    Operation Dark Heart: Spycraft And Special Operations On The Front Lines Of Afghanistan
    Anthony Shaffer - Paperback - Mainstream
    This is a no-holds-barred account of the realities of an American spy working outside the conventional parameters of military conflict in a region culturally, geographically, and philosophically disassociated from conventional American war tactics.
  • Cover scan of On A Wing And A Prayer
    On A Wing And A Prayer
    Royan Yule - Paperback - DB
    This work takes you through the author's upbringing in pre-war Aberdeen to his eyewitness account of a raid by a German bomber on the shipyards of the city. It describes how he came to join the RAF and follows him through his tour of duty on operations over Germany.
  • Cover scan of The Oor Wullie Notebook

    The Oor Wullie Notebook: A Notebook Full Of Wullie's Favourite Sayings And Pictures Of Wullie
    - Hardback - Waverley
    A stationery item notebook from Oor Wullies, one of Scotland's best-loved and iconic comic book characters, with illustrations, sayings and moments cpatured from the long running comic strip.
  • Cover scan of Orange Juice Peas
    Orange Juice Peas
    Lari Don - Paperback - Kelpies
    Little Jessie is learning to be polite, and when she says 'please' it sounds just like 'peas'. When a new babysitter asks what she'd like to drink, Jessie finds herself with a succession of funny drinks.
  • Cover scan of The Oldest Post Office In The World
    The Oldest Post Office In The World
    Hamish M. Brown - Paperback - Sandstone
    Not all of Hamish Brown's many travels about Scotland have taken him up mountains or into wild and wind swept places, but he has found himself in some pretty odd locations. Now he has listed them, placing them in their regions, complete with references and directions to produce this book.
  • Cover scan of The Official History Of The Olympic Games And The IOC
    London 2012: Athens To London 1894-2012
    David Miller - Hardback - Mainstream
    An account of the history of the world's foremost sporting spectacle, this book gives an unparalleled account of the Olympics story, from its beginnings in Athens 1894 to the build-up to the Games in London in 2012.

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