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    The Photographer's Wife
    Nick Alexander - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Barbara - a child of the Blitz - has devoted her life to her family. She has protected her two children from the harsh realities of life, and this has included keeping a number of secrets about her marriage to famous photographer Tony Marsden. But with such an incomplete picture of the past, her children have struggled to understand who their parents really are, and in turn, she sometimes fears, to build their own identities. When daughter Sophie decides to organise a vast retrospective exhibition of her adored father's work, old photos are pulled from dusty boxes. But with them come tumbling secrets from the past, secrets that will challenge every aspect of how Sophie sees her parents.
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    Pursuit: The Uncensored Memoirs Of John Calder
    John Calder - Paperback - Alma Books
    A captivating memoir by controversial publishing figure John Calder.
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    The Peanuts Guide To Happiness
    Charles M. Schulz - Hardback - Canongate
    For the beguiling Peanuts gang, happiness is many things - a warm blanket, a snowy day, a full supper dish, but most of all happiness is being one of the gang.
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    The Peanuts Guide To Love
    Charles M. Schulz - Hardback - Canongate
    The Peanuts gang offer their wisdom on love in this beautifully produced gift book for all generations. From Woodstock falling in love with a worm to Charlie Brown's obsession with the Little Red-Headed Girl, from Snoopy's yearning for that girl beagle to Lucy's unwavering (and unrequited) affection for Schroeder, the beguiling Peanuts gang know a thing or two about love. The millions of faithful Charles Schulz fans and those who fondly remember our best-loved beagle and his friends will cherish this latest title in our 'Peanuts Guide to Life' series.
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    - Hardback - Little, Brown and Company
    Iain Banks the literary novelist and Iain M. Banks the science fiction writer are too well known to need introduction, but Iain Banks the poet has hitherto been almost undetected: a single poem was published in a magazine and three short pieces within the novels. But he took his poetry seriously and worked on it carefully, though he shared the results mainly with friends. Readers of Iain's novels will find in these poems many aspects of his writing with which they're already familiar.
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    Postman Bear
    Julia Donaldson - NH - Macmillan Children's
    Deep in the heart of Acorn Wood, Bear is writing letters to his friends. Lift the flaps and join Frog, Squirrel and Mole for Bear's special surprise!
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    Pilgrim Guide To Scotland
    Donald Smith - Paperback - Saint Andrew
    This is a comprehensive introduction to Scotland's major pilgrim routes, past and present. It covers every region and offers evocative and inspirational stories, taking the reader to an exceptionally rich Celtic, medieval and modern spread of sacred places. It has inclusive, simple devotional directions related to each journey.
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    The Proper Charlie: The Autobiography
    Charlie Miller - Paperback - Black & White Publishing
    Charlie Miller was the best young Scottish footballer of his generation. He made his Rangers debut under Walter Smith aged just 17 and became a vital part of the Ibrox club's legendary nine-in-a-row squad. Miller won four league titles, two Scottish Cups and one League Cup with Rangers, as well as being named the Scottish PFA Young Player of the Year in 1995. Yet many believe he was a wasted talent. Here, Miller reveals how he's spent his entire life not knowing who his father is and relives his colourful upbringing in Castlemilk - one of Glasgow's toughest housing estates.
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    Patrick Of Ireland: His Life And Impact
    Michael A. G. Haykin - Paperback - Christian Focus Publications
    This concise biography of Saint Patrick takes readers from his capture and enslavement in Ireland, his escape after six years in captivity, and eventual return after being ordained.
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    A Perfectly Ordinary School
    Jeremy Strong - Paperback - Barrington Stoke
    At school they call Frankie 'Lanky Frankie' and Molly 'Molly the Dolly'. But Frankie's had enough, so his mum and dad pack him off to a very special school where he can learn how to stand up to his classmates - by turning into different monsters! But that's only if he can survive the teachers first.

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