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    The People We Can Be: Or How To Be 500 Better Off, Build A Fairer Society And A Better Planet
    Alexander Bell - Paperback - Luath Press
    The world we live in is changing. Never have humans known so much, been so healthy or so rich. Yet we are threatened by financial crashes, democratic decline, climate change and ill-health. We live in contradictory times. Our public debate doesn't seem to represent these forces. Voters in Scotland and the UK face two referendums. In September 2014 Scots will vote on 'independence' while in 2017 the UK may vote on 'independence' from the European Union. Everyone involved in these arguments accepts there is no such things as 'independence' in the modern world. This book tries to work out how these elections are relevant to our needs.
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    Power Out Of The Darkness
    Robin McAlpine - Paperback - Luath Press
    A comprehensive and investigative analysis of the power dynamic within Scottish politics. The authors take a critical look at Scotland economically, politically and socially, so as to understand its implications.
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    Philip Kerr - Paperback - Quercus
    Special Agent Gil Martins investigates domestic terrorism for the Houston FBI. He is a religious man who is close to losing his faith; the very nature of his job has led him to question the existence of a God who could allow the things that Gil sees every day. But Gil's wife Ruth doesn't see things the same way and his crisis of faith provokes a fracture in their marriage. Gil's world is breaking apart. At the same time, Gil starts to investigate a series of unexplained deaths that bring this crisis of faith into uncomfortable focus.
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    Peter's Railway Holiday At Lunan Bay
    Christopher Vine - Paperback - Christopher Vine
    Peter is on holiday with his family in Scotland when Grandpa learns of a spectacular train crash. It happened nearby so they go exploring to find the exact spot. To add to the adventure they discover some evidence still lying on the ground.
  • Cover scan of The Political Aesthetics Of Global Protest
    The Political Aesthetics Of Global Protest: The Arab Spring And Beyond
    - Paperback - Edinburgh University Press
    A remarkable feature of the protests from the Arab Spring onwards has been the salience of images, songs, videos, humour, satire and dramatic performances. This book explores the central role the aesthetic played in energising the mass mobilisations of young people, the disaffected, the middle classes, the apolitical silent majority, as well as enabling solidarities and alliances among democrats, workers, trade unions, civil rights activists and opposition parties.
  • Cover scan of The Professor Of Truth
    The Professor Of Truth
    James Robertson - Paperback - Penguin Books
    21 years after his wife and daughter were murdered in the bombing of a plane over Scotland, Alan Tealing still does not know what really happened. Obsessed by the details of what he has come to call The Case, he is sure that the man convicted of the atrocity was not responsible.
  • Cover scan of A People's History Of Scotland
    A People's History Of Scotland
    Chris Bambery - Paperback - Verso
    In September 2014, the people of Scotland will decide whether - after 407 years of British rule - they want to be an independent country. Chris Bambery, a leading figure in the Scottish Independence campaign, seizes the opportunity to delve into the real and oft-forgotten history of Scotland. 'A People's History of Scotland' is a corrective to the usual history of kings and queens, victorious battles and bloody defeats. Rather it tells the story that matters today - the story of freedom fighters, suffragettes, the workers of Red Clydesdale who fought for their rights, and the contemporary struggle for independence. It looks at the struggles for nationhood as well as for a socialist future, while also charting the lives of Scots who changed the world: from the real Macbeth, to the father of modern capitalism, Adam Smith, as well as campaigner Mary Brooksbank.
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    Presente!: Latin@ Immigrant Voices In The Struggle For Racial Justice
    - Paperback - AK Press
    'Presente!' transcends the characterisation of immigrants as either criminals or victims by drawing on the first-hand experiences of immigrants and immigrant-led organisations engaged in recent organising struggles. Focusing on Latino and Latina immigrants in the US, and covering the intersections of race, class and immigration, this anthology addresses the misguided notion that undocumented immigrants simply need to legalise their status to eliminate their marginalisation.
  • Cover scan of The Pure Gold Baby
    The Pure Gold Baby
    Margaret Drabble - Paperback - Canongate
    Anna is a child of special, unknowable qualities. She is happy, always willing to smile at the world around her, but she also presents profound challenges. For her mother Jess, still in her early 20s, her arrival will prove life-transforming. Over the course of decades, in ways large and small, Anna will affect the lives and loves of those around her. While Anna herself will remain largely unaltered by the passing years, she will live through a period of dramatic change, her journey illuminating our shifting attitudes towards motherhood, responsibility and the way we care for one another.
  • Cover scan of Princess Penelope And The Runaway Kitten
    Princess Penelope And The Runaway Kitten
    Alison Murray - Paperback - Nosy Crow
    Princess Penelope's naughty little kitten is all tangled up in wool and has scampered off! Little girls will love helping her track the trail of pretty pink glitter left by her kitten as it runs through the palace and grounds, encountering lots of other animal friends along the way.

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