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  • Cover scan of Rabbits In The Park
    Rabbits In The Park: A Book Of Colours
    Natalie Russell - Hardback - Macmillan Children's
    Little Rabbit and her friends are out in the park, but it's such a windy day! Brown Rabbit's green kite is first to blow away, closely followed by Little Rabbit's pretty pink bag, Grey Rabbit's nice blue hat and Rose Rabbit's orange scarf. Very soon everything is caught in the wind and - oh no! - they're blowing towards the pond!
  • Cover scan of Rebel
    Jack Whyte - Paperback - Sphere
    In the pre-dawn hours of August 24, 1305, the outlaw William Wallace waits to be executed. He is visited by a priest who has come to hear his last confession. Packed with action, heroism, and vibrant historical detail, this is the Braveheart story as never told before.
  • Cover scan of The Road To Lisbon
    The Road To Lisbon: Two Men, Two Fates, One Dream
    Martin Greig - Paperback - Birlinn
    2012 represents 45 years since Celtic's historic triumph over Inter Milan in the 1967 European Cup final in Lisbon. This is the first fictionalised account of that momentous season.
  • Cover scan of Rob Roy
    Rob Roy
    Sir Walter Scott - Paperback - HarperPress
    Banished from his father's house, Frank Osbaldistone becomes involved in the conspiracy surrounding the disastrous Jacobite rising of 1715. His adventures take him across the Highland Line, where he finds cruelty and some unlikely friends.
  • Cover scan of The Red Dragons Of Gressingham
    The Red Dragons Of Gressingham
    Philip Ardagh - Paperback - Barrington Stoke
    The Green Men of Gressingham are back - but they're bored - what will they do for adventure now they're no longer outlaws? Luckily Lord Dashwood has the answer - a quest to find a dragon!
  • Cover scan of The Royal Parade
    The Royal Parade
    Janey Jones - Paperback - Picture Corgi
    Princess Poppy is so excited. It's the annual dress-up parade and this year the theme is royalty. She can't wait to get her glad rags on. But there's a lot to do before the fun can begin and everyone must muck in - including Poppy. The trouble is she keeps getting distracted.
  • Cover scan of Ramshackle
    Elizabeth Reeder - Paperback - Freight
    Roe is like any other fifteen-year-old Chicago teenager. Her only worries are schoolwork, keeping up with her best friend and whether she should sleep with her boyfriend. Then her adoptive father disappears one winter's day. As she tries to find out why he left her, her past unravels in front of her.
  • Cover scan of Riverside Museum
    Riverside Museum
    Deyan Sudjic - Paperback - Scala
    Designed by the acclaimed architect Zaha Hadid, Riverside Museum opened in 2011. This book examines the construction of the unique building, created to house Glasgow's world-famous transport and technology collections. In addition, it looks at the rationale for the overall design and the concepts behind the exhibition display.
  • Cover scan of The Road To Hell
    The Road To Hell
    Gillian Galbraith - Hardback - Polygon
    When the body of a half-clothed woman is discovered in an Edinburgh park, a murder investigation is launched. Soon after, the naked corpse of a prominent clergyman is found, also in a park. DS Alice Rice wonders if the same killer is at work, and if so, what is the connection between the apparently motiveless attacks?
  • Cover scan of A Rope - In Case
    A Rope - In Case
    Lillian Beckwith - Paperback - Bello
    When Lillian Beckwith first arrived in Bruach in the remote Hebrides, she was advised to 'always carry a rope - in case'. This is another collection of tales about island life, packed with humorous incidents and people with charming characters.

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