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  • Cover scan of The Southern Upland Way
    The Southern Upland Way: Scotland's Coast To Coast Trail
    Alan Castle - Flexi-cover - Cicerone
    The Southern Upland Way is Scotland's coast-to-coast walk and the longest of the national trails north of the border. It runs for 212 miles from picturesque Portpatrick on the west coast across the Galloway and Border Hills to finish on the east coast at Cockburnspath, south of Dunbar.
  • Cover scan of Stunning Castles Of Scotland
    Stunning Castles Of Scotland
    Graeme Wallace - Paperback - GW
    This text presents Scotland's most photogenic and aesthetic castles. It includes four double gate fold picture spreads of Wallace's views and incorporates many more large format scenes.
  • Cover scan of St Valery
    St Valery: The Impossible Odds
    - Paperback - Birlinn
    'St Valery' re-examines the fateful chain of events in 1940 of the gallant rearguard action which led to the capture of the 51st Highland Division at St Valéry-en-Caux. The vivid accounts in this collection of soldiers' reminiscences bring alive the horror of war and the camps and forced marches.
  • Cover scan of The Sunday Girls

    The Sunday Girls
    Maureen Reynolds - Paperback - Black & White
    'The Sunday Girls' records the changing fortunes of the Neill family during the 1930s' depression in Dundee. Daughter Ann is a bookworm and would love to stay on at school but, following the death of her mother, she is forced to help support the family by taking a job as a housemaid.
  • Cover scan of A Seaside Practice
    A Doctor In Collintrae: Tales Of A Scottish Country Doctor
    Tom, Dr Smith - Hardback - Short
    When he arrived to take up his first posting as a GP in Collintrae, a small fishing village on the west coast of Scotland, Tom Smith wasn't sure what to expect. Certainly nothing in his training could have prepared him for the likes of Mad Maggie, the baker with nine lives and the giggling nuns, to list but a few cases.
  • Cover scan of Secrets And Shadows
    Secrets And Shadows
    Mary Nickson - Paperback - Century
    Initially Louisa and Marnie dislike each other, especially when both women are drawn to the same man. But enigmatic Christopher carries his own secrets from the past and in their brief encounter all three are forced to confront the truth about themselves and the choices they have made.
  • Cover scan of Strangers, Babies
    Strangers, Babies
    Linda McLean - Paperback - Nick Hern
    In five separate scenes, we see how one woman can be a totally different being - with five different men. One by one we see into each of her relationships, apparently existing in separate worlds.
  • Cover scan of The Sun Egg
    The Sun Egg
    Elsa Maartman Beskow - Hardback - Floris
    A mysterious orange egg has fallen into the woods. 'It's a sun egg!' declares the elf who finds it nestled on the forest floor. Soon she and her friends find out what it really is, but not before the little elf goes off on one of the best adventures she has ever had.
  • Cover scan of Saving Finnegan
    Saving Finnegan
    Sally Grindley - Paperback - Bloomsbury
    A whale is beached on the sandy cove of a small Scottish island. As the islanders struggle to save it, conflicting motives soon surface.
  • Cover scan of The Sign Of Four
    The Sign Of Four
    Arthur Conan Doyle - Paperback - Headline Review
    Whilst the seamy streets of London drown in a sea of smog, Sherlock Holmes sinks into a cocaine-induced melancholy - until Miss Mary Morstan presents him with a most intriguing case, leading Holmes into an epic pursuit of the truth.

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