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  • Cover scan of Sunset Song
    Sunset Song
    Lewis Grassic Gibbon - Paperback - Canongate
    Divided between her love of the land and the harshness of farming life, Chris Guthrie finally chooses to stay in the rural community of her childhood. But the First World War and the subsequent economic changes have a deep impact on her life. 'Sunset Song' was voted the Best Scottish Book of All Time.
  • Cover scan of Scots
    Scots: The Mither Tongue
    Billy Kay - Paperback - Mainstream
    Billy Kay discusses the social, cultural and political debate on Scotland's linguistic future, and argues for the necessity to retain and extend Scots if the nation is to hold on to its intrinsic values.
  • Cover scan of Selected Poems
    Selected Poems
    John Burnside - Paperback - Jonathan Cape
    John Burnside's territory is the no man's land of threshold and margin, the charmed half-light of the liminal, a domestic world threaded through with mystery, myth and longing. In this collection he develops those themes looking at the place of the individual in the world and the idea of home entwined with the lure of absence.
  • Cover scan of A Study In Death

    A Study In Death
    Iain McDowall - Paperback - Piatkus
    DS Kerr and DCI Jacobson can discern no obvious motive for the murder of Dr Roger Harvey. He didn't do serious drugs, didn't have a criminal record, and he wasn't gay. Not even his wife or oldest friends can throw any light on the situation.
  • Cover scan of Spring Nature Activities For Children
    Spring Nature Activities For Children
    Irmgard Kutsch; Brigitte Walden - Paperback - Floris
    This title is packed full of fun nature activities that will help children engage with the season and learn practical new skills. Activities for Spring include building bird nesting boxes, sprouting seeds, landscaping and planting a garden, using plant-based dyes and paints, milk processing and beekeeping.
  • Cover scan of Scottish Life And Society
    Scottish Life And Society: Religion: A Compendium Of Scottish Ethnology
    - Hardback - Birlinn
    Throughout the centuries, the influence of religion on Scottish life and society has been profound. Appreciating how it has shaped the past, and continues to inform the present, is crucial to understanding the development of Scotland.
  • Cover scan of Scottish Region
    Scottish Region: A History 1948-1973
    A. J. Mullay - Paperback - Tempus
    This is a history of British Rail's Scottish Region which developed its own character and potential as well as problems. However it suffered the same fate as the rest of the system: a lack of modernisation, trains that weren't properly tested and asset stripping prior to privatisation.
  • Cover scan of The Singin Lass
    The Singin' Lass: Selected Work Of Marion Angus
    Marion Angus - Paperback - Polygon
    This title celebrates the poetry and prose of Marion Angus, one of Scotland's finest lyric poets. Her work is modern and imaginative in its approach and the apparant simplicity of her strong and hauntingly sympathetic poetry is deceptive.
  • Cover scan of Swithering
    Robin Robertson - Paperback - Picador
    With its descriptive precision, and occasionally moving and disarming directness, 'Swithering' is a collection of poetry from Robin Robertson.
  • Cover scan of Sea Otters Gambolling In The Wild, Wild Surf
    Sea Otters Gambolling In The Wild, Wild Surf
    John Bennett - Paperback - Vintage
    Sixteen-year-old Felix is bored and stressed. He's stressed about his A-Level results, stressed about working for Mrs Pretzel and stressed about what the future holds. He is soon embarking on a bizarre quest that takes him half way around the world on a stolen credit card.

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