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  • Cover scan of The Story Of David Livingstone
    The Story Of David Livingstone
    David Ross - Hardback - Waverley
    The Corbies series brings the heroes and rogues, triumphs and tragedies of Scottish history vibrantly into life.
  • Cover scan of Saint Paul
    Saint Paul: Life, Epistles And Teaching
    Emil Bock - Paperback - Floris
    In 'Saint Paul', Bock provides a spiritual dimension to Paul's background, providing a deeper understanding of this great Christian figure and his teaching.
  • Cover scan of The Story Of Loch Ness
    The Story Of Loch Ness
    Katharine Stewart - Hardback - Luath
    Stewart captures the essence of Loch Ness, from its ancient formation through the early dwellers, the communities and the battles, the wild life, the genealogy, the stories and folklore.
  • Cover scan of Steiner Education In Theory And Practice
    Steiner Education In Theory And Practice
    Gilbert Childs - Paperback - Floris
    An account of Rudolf Steiner's view of children, and the role education must play in their successful development. This book examines and explains the curriculum of Steiner-Waldorf schools, showing how their teaching practices take a holistic view of the child.
  • Cover scan of Scottish Witchcraft & Magick
    Scottish Witchcraft & Magick: The Craft Of The Picts
    Raymond Buckland - Paperback - Llewellyn
    From the ancient misty Highlands of Scotland to modern-day America come the secrets of solitary witchcraft practice. The author introduces PectiWita, or the craft of the Picts, and explores the magic, sacred tools, herbal lore, song and dance, and recipes of the Scottish PectiWita tradition.
  • Cover scan of The Steamie
    The Steamie: A Novel
    Tony Roper - Paperback - Black & White
    When it first opened in 1987, 'The Steamie' took the theatrical world by storm. Set during the 1950s, the play takes place on Hogmanay in a Glasgow public wash house. This novel delves further into the lives of Doreen, Magrit, Mrs Culfeathers and Dolly.
  • BDS Thumbnail Image
    The Storr: Unfolding Landscape
    - Paperback - Luath
    In the year 2000, the NVA arts organisation staged a dramatic light and sound event in Perthshire's Glen Lyon. Now, this unforgettable event is to be taken to the beautiful high cliffs of Coire Faion and The Storr on Skye. This book captures what promises to be one of the greatest site-specific artworks ever to be staged in Britain.
  • Cover scan of Summit Fever
    Summit Fever
    Andrew Greig - Paperback - Canongate
    'Summit Fever' offers a full account of the successful ascent of the Mustagh Tower in 1984 by previously little-known British climbers, and also a description of the author's own feelings and experiences as a novice climber on a Himalayan expedition.
  • Cover scan of Sekem
    Sekem: A Sustainable Community In The Egyptian Desert
    Ibrahim Abouleish - Paperback - Floris
    In 1977, Ibrahim Abouleish formed the community of Sekem on desert land, 60 kilometres north east of Cairo. Nearly thirty years later, the community continues to go from strength to strength, bringing real social change to the region. This is Abouleish's own account of the story of Sekem.
  • Cover scan of Shadows
    Shadows: Inside Northern Ireland's Special Branch
    Alan Barker - Paperback - Mainstream
    'Shadows' is the life story of Alan Barker, a Belfast boy who dreamed from an early age of a career in the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC). It charts his childhood spent in the Middle East, his return to school in Belfast and his experiences as a teenager growing up during the Troubles.

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