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  • Cover scan of Stone Of Destiny

    Stone Of Destiny
    Ian R. Hamilton - Paperback - Birlinn
    The story of four young Scottish students who, on Christmas Eve 1950, broke into Westminster Abbey and stole the Stone of Destiny. Ian Hamilton was the leader of the group.
  • Cover scan of Scotland
    - Paperback - DK
    From the archaeological treasures of the Shetlands to the elegance of Edinburgh's New Town, this guide to Scotland takes you all the way from the Borders to the Highlands and Islands. Cutaway maps and 3D models allow you to explore historic hideaways and tips are included on the best bars.
  • Cover scan of The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

    The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
    Robert Louis Stevenson - Paperback - Flame Tree 451
    This dark psychological fantasy is more than a moral tale. It is also a product of its time, drawing on contemporary theories of class, evolution and criminality and the secret lives behind Victorian propriety, to create a unique form of urban Gothic.
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    The Shallow Seas: A Tale Of Two Cities, Singapore And Batavia
    Dawn Farnham - Paperback - Monsoon
    Charlotte Macleod is 19, pregnant and alone in 1842. She is fleeing a scandalous liasion with her married Chinese lover, a liaison which would bring ruin on him, herself, and her brother, Robert, the police chief of Singapore. When Tigran Manouk, the richest merchant in Batavia, capital of the Dutch East Indies, asks for her hand in marriage, the choice is no choice. Through loss and pain, Charlotte will find a way to make a life with a man she does not love in a town she does not understand. Until she returns to Singapore, to the town where the man she loves waits for her, to face the hardest decision of her life.
  • Cover scan of The Survival Of The Crown
    The Survival Of The Crown
    Robert Stedall - Hardback - Book Guild
    In this, the second, and concluding, part of his masterly account of Mary Queen of Scots, her son James, and the hoary question of their succession to the English throne, Robert Steddall takes us from the aftermath of Bothwell's murder, through Mary's imprisonment and execution for treason, to James's eventual coronation as James I of England. In this volume, James moves to centre-stage and his complex, neurotic personality is explored. What exactly was his relationship with his mother, removed from his side at such an early age, and how can we explain his seeming lack of feeling with regard to her fate?
  • Cover scan of Scots Kith & Kin
    Scots Kith & Kin: Best Selling Guide To The Clans And Surnames Of Scotland
    - Paperback - HarperCollins Publishers
    Listing Scottish family names and their clan affiliations, this guide gives information on where and when particular surnames originated, the clan to which they belong and its history, other related surnames and the correct tartan to wear.
  • Cover scan of Someone To Watch Over Me
    Someone To Watch Over Me
    Izzy Hammond - Paperback - Mainstream Publishing
    Izzy Hammond's deaf and partially blind parents attracted sympathy from the outside world, but no one knew of the horrific abuse their daughter was subjected to inside the family home. In 'Someone to Watch Over Me', Izzy Hammond reveals how the vicious childhood abuse she suffered, first at the hands of her father and then by subsequent predators, cast a shadow over three generations of her family and led to a violent assault upon Izzy by her eldest daughter.
  • Cover scan of Still Midnight
    Still Midnight
    Denise Mina - Paperback - Orion Books
    The quiet of a Glaswegian suburb is shattered with a brutal and baffling attack. Armed men invade a family home, shouting for a man nobody's heard of. A shot is fired, and they escape with a hostage and a demand for two million pounds. It's a high-profile case that could make DS Alex Morrow's career.
  • Cover scan of Scoundral In The Regency Ballroom
    Scoundral In The Regency Ballroom
    Marguerite Kaye - Paperback - Mills & Boon
  • Cover scan of Scotland
    Scotland The Autobiography: The Autobiography
    - Paperback - Penguin Books
    This is a vivid, wide-ranging account of Scotland's history, composed of timeless stories by those who experienced it first-hand. The contributors range from Tacitus, Mary, Queen of Scots, and Oliver Cromwell to Adam Smith, David Livingstone, and Billy Connolly.

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