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  • Cover scan of Waistcoats And Weaponry

    Waistcoats And Weaponry
    Gail Carriger - Paperback - Atom
    Sophronia continues her second year at finishing school in style - with a steel-bladed fan secreted in the folds of her ball gown, of course. Such a fashionable choice of weapon comes in handy when Sophronia, her best friend Dimity, sweet sootie Soap, and the charming Lord Felix Mersey stowaway on a train to return their classmate Sidheag to her werewolf pack in Scotland. Because no one would have suspected what - and who - they would find aboard the suspiciously empty train. Sophronia uncovers a plot that threatens to dissolve all of London into chaos and must decide where her loyalties lie once and for all.
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    The Wicked Ways Of Alexander Kidd
    Paula Quinn - Paperback - Forever
    As the sheltered niece of a Highland chief, Caitrina Grant longs for adventure beyond the lush hills of Scotland. So when a pirate ship glides into the loch, tempting her with promises of exotic lands and hidden treasures, Trina sneaks aboard. But she is unprepared for the consequences - and the seductive captain who demands the ultimate price for her deception.
  • Cover scan of We Shall Remember
    We Shall Remember
    Emma Fraser - Paperback - Sphere
    Irena is a young medical student living in Warsaw when the German army invade Poland. Those closest to her are dying and when Irena realises that no one is coming to Poland's aid, it's clear that she is alone. Forced to flee to Britain, Irena meets Richard, a RAF pilot who she's instantly drawn to and there's a glimmer of happiness on the horizon. And then the war becomes more brutal and in order to right a never-forgotten wrong Irena must make an impossible decision. Decades later, Sarah's mother is left a home in Skye and another in Edinburgh following the death of Lord Glendale, a man she's never met, and only on the condition that Magdalena Drobnik, a woman she's never heard of, is no longer alive. Sarah's only clues to this mystery are two photographs she doesn't understand but she's determined to discover the truth, not knowing that she's about to begin a journey that will change her life.
  • Cover scan of Wish You Were Here

    Wish You Were Here
    Simon Spurrier - Paperback - Avatar
    This runaway success web comic features an island of uninfected survivors in a world overrun by psychopaths. The island was a safe place. However, in this latest chapter the arrival of the American drift fleet brings true civilization back, and opens the eyes of the petty and the jealous.
  • Cover scan of What Your Cat Really Thinks
    What Your Pet Really Thinks
    Susan McMullan - Hardback - Black & White Publishing
    Convinced you know your faithful tabby? Confident you can tell exactly what your cute innocent kitten is thinking? Certain you can read your fluffy little feline's mind like the back of your hand? Think again! This book tells you what your cat really thinks - but be warned, it's not always pretty! With real-life photos of a whole host of cute cats and quirky captions to boot, 'What Your Cat Really Thinks' gives readers a hilarious alternative insight into the minds of the everyday pet.
  • Cover scan of Where The Dead Men Go
    Where The Dead Men Go
    Liam McIlvanney - Paperback - Faber & Faber
    After three years in the wilderness, hardboiled reporter Gerry Conway is back at his desk at the Glasgow Tribune. But three years is a long time on newspapers and things have changed. Once the paper's star reporter, Conway now plays second fiddle to his former protégé, crime reporter Martin Moir. When Moir's body turns up in a flooded quarry, Conway is drawn deeper into the city's criminal underworld as he looks for the truth about his colleague's death. In this, the second book in the 'Conway Trilogy', McIlvanney explores the murky interface of crime and politics in the New Scotland.
  • Cover scan of The Winter Horses
    The Winter Horses
    Philip Kerr - Hardback - Walker Books
    Set in Ukraine 1941, this book takes you through a journey of survival in the dark days of WWII. Based on true events, it captures the power of sacrifice, the endurance of the human spirit and the astonishing loyalty of animals.
  • Cover scan of Western Isles Folk Tales
    Western Isles Folk Tales
    - Paperback - The History Press
    As a child, Lawrence learned many folk tales from his father, Tom Tulloch. Tom was a tradition bearer, and his folklore was collected by the School of Scottish Studies. As a travelling storyteller, Lawrence has collected many more tales. This book contains many favourite stories - some you may recognise, but they have given them a Shetland twist.
  • Cover scan of When Wine Tastes Best 2015
    When Wine Tastes Best 2015: A Biodynamic Calendar For Wine Drinkers
    Matthias K. Thun - Paperback - Floris Books
    Based on Maria Thun's biodynamic calendar, this handy little pocket guide tells you which days are optimum wine-drinking days, and which days to avoid if you want to get the most out of your glass.
  • Cover scan of Wolf Notes And Other Musical Mishaps
    Wolf Notes And Other Musical Mishaps
    Lari Don - Paperback - Kelpies
    Helen has won a place at a prestigious summer music school in remote north-western Scotland. As she practices for a concert on Midsummer's Eve, her friends, the fabled beasts, prepare for battle - in the very forest where the young musicians are staying.

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