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  • Cover scan of Harris The Hero
    Harris The Hero
    Lynne Rickards - Paperback - Picture Kelpies
    Harris the puffin is lonely and at a loose end. He sets out travelling, looking for adventure and meets a lost baby seal. Harris bravely helps his new young companion, but they run into trouble. Then a happy crowd of Scottish sea life pitches in - an eiderduck, a dolphin, otters and some fish. And there are more new friends to come!
  • Cover scan of Hello Farm, How Do You Do?
    Hello Farm, How Do You Do?
    Marjolein Thiebout - Boards - Kelpies
    Featuring vibrant illustrations and a rhyming text which is perfect for reading aloud with little ones, this chunky, colourful board book introduces young children to farm animals and their sounds.
  • Cover scan of Hairy Hettie
    Hairy Hettie
    Polly Lawson - Paperback - Picture Kelpies
    Hettie the Highland cow has lots of hair to keep her warm and cosy. But other animals want to be cosy too - in springtime, two blackbirds stop by and build their nest in Hettie's hair. She's a cow not a hedge! In summertime, some butterflies lay their eggs in Hettie's fur. In autumn, a squirrel burrows in to hibernate.
  • Cover scan of How To Make A Heron Happy
    How To Make A Heron Happy
    Lari Don - Paperback - Picture Kelpies
    Hamish is worried about the heron in the park. It always looks sad and grumpy. So Hamish decides to cheer it up. He tries everything we can think of. He brings bread crusts and biscuit crumbs. He cleans up the heron's polluted pond and plants flowers around the pond. But the heron still looks grumpy.
  • Cover scan of Hungry Hettie
    Hungry Hettie
    Jo Allan - Paperback - Picture Kelpies
    Hettie the Highland cow is always hungry, so Callum and Kirsty bring her lots to eat - porridge, sandwiches, shortbread, fish suppers and ice cream! But perhaps a cow can eat too much?
  • Cover scan of Hoglet The Spineless Hedgehog
    Hoglet The Spineless Hedgehog
    Allyson Marnoch - Paperback - Kelpies
    With no prickles to protect himself, Hoglet struggles to find food and a safe place to hibernate through the cold Scottish winter. On his long journey he meets a mouse, an owl, a fox, a wildcat, some Highland cows and even an ostrich. But will they help him or try to eat him?
  • Cover scan of The Hill Of The Red Fox
    The Hill Of The Red Fox
    Allan Campbell McLean - Paperback - Kelpies
    Alasdair uncovers a web of espionage after a chance meeting with a man on the train to Skye who slips him a desperate message.
  • Cover scan of Hamish And The Wee Witch
    Hamish And The Wee Witch
    Moira Miller - Paperback - Kelpies
    Hamish and Mirren live on a farm in a little house by a loch. They are very happy until one day a wee witch comes and steals milk from their cow. Can they outwit the witch and live a peaceful life once more?
  • Cover scan of Hamish And The Fairy Gifts
    Hamish And The Fairy Gifts
    Moira Miller - Paperback - Kelpies
    Hamish and Mirren laughed when the old lady talked about the Wee Folk and all their mischief-making, until their baby son disappeared. These enchanting stories are the sequel to 'Hamish and the Wee Witch'.
  • Cover scan of Haki The Shetland Pony
    Haki The Shetland Pony
    Kathleen Fidler - Paperback - Kelpies
    There is no future for Adam at his parent's croft in the Shetlands, so he makes a deal with a circus owner that he can buy Haki, Adam's Shetland pony, on the condition that Adam is employed as her trainer.

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