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  • Thor Is Locked In My Garage!

    Cover scan of Thor Is Locked In My Garage!
    Robert J. Harris

    Brothers Greg and Lewis are enjoying a heatwave in the summer holidays - until Loki, the god of mischief, buries their town, St Andrews, in a huge blizzard! Loki is determined to conquer the universe and will stop at NOTHING to get his way. Greg, Lewis and their friend Susie must make a perilous journey to Asgard, the City of the Gods, to foil Loki's evil plan. Luckily, Thor, the god of thunder, has turned up to help them. Unfortunately, he's locked in the boys' garage.

  • Waverley

    Cover scan of Waverley
    Walter Scott

    Set against the backdrop of the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, 'Waverley' tells the story of Edward Waverley, an idealistic daydreamer whose loyalty to his regiment is threatened when they are sent to the Scottish Highlands where he is drawn to Fergus Mac-Ivor and his beautiful sister, both loyal to Charles Stuart.