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Special Offers on our Books of the Month

  • Introducing Georgian Glasgow: How Glasgow Flourished

    Cover scan of Introducing Georgian Glasgow
    Anthony Lewis, Fiona Hayes and Isobel McDonald

    The 18th and early 19th centuries were a time of remarkable expansion for Glasgow. Described by Daniel Defoe as 'the cleanest, beautifullest and best built city in Great Britain', the city expanded from a population of 13,000 in 1712 to over 200,000 by 1832. But what were the causes of this rapid growth in size, wealth and influence? This book looks at the importance of industry, trade, and how the city's place on the commercial trade routes grew the fortunes of the Glasgow 'tobacco lords' and the effects of Empire and links with slavery.

  • Mind Blind

    Cover of Mind Blind
    Lari Don

    Ciaran Bain is a criminal with a special talent: he can read minds. But his skill comes at a price. Lucy Shaw wants justice for her dead sister. Killed for a secret Ciaran's family wants burried, his sister's blood is on his hands. Only together can the unlikely allies uncover that deadly secret. They can run, but where can they hide if they are never safe, even in their own minds?