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  • Attack Of The Giant Robot Chickens

    Cover of Attack Of The Giant Robot Chickens
    Alex McCall

    Why did the chicken cross the road? To take over the world!!! The city of Aberdeen is being terrorized by giant robot chickens who want to peck out every last sign of human resistance. The streets are empty, the adults have vanished - and those left behind are fighting for survival. Jesse and his friends are desperate to save their families and stop the feathered fiends. They hatch a master plan - but can a gang of kids really defeat an army of angry robot chickens?

  • A Good Death

    Cover of A Good Death
    H. L. Davis

    1983. Four disparate young women set out to scale Ausangate, one of the highest peaks in the Andes. Employing the enigmatic Wamami as a guide, they are initiated into the mystically dangerous side of Peru. 2013. Though the women are still, close, the secrets and betrayals of Ausangate chafe at the friendship. A girls' weekend descends into conflict - and bitterness finally explodes the truth of Ausangate, setting the women on a dangerous new path.